2021 Innovature BPO department sharings – a year to remember

2021 Innovature BPO department sharings - a year to remember

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The old year 2021 has passed, leaving a lot of imprints. Once a year, Innovature BPO takes time to reflect on everything that has happened, and looks forward to the new year with new goals and challenges. Let’s see what we’ve got.

First of all, we are happy to welcome new members to the Innovature BPO house. We believe their youth and enthusiasm will significantly contribute to the company’s development.

And for the first time, Innovature BPO conducts an exclusive program for interns and trainees. This professional update is a driving force for the young generation to improve their skill sets and expertise.

2021 is also a meaningful year, Innovature BPO participated in community activities by joining hands to help disadvantaged individuals have a better life.

It would be an omission if we don’t mention Covid 19 – an uninvited guest. This invisible, odorless, tasteless guest destroyed the economy and the whole world’s life. Of course, Innovature BPO is not an exception.

Facing the terrible pandemic, it was the first time we had to work from home in 123 days. Despite being at the heart of the epidemic, the Innovature BPO family firmly believed in the government. We tried to maintain the business and the normal state at work.

Those 123 days were such a long time, but it’s a new and challenging experience. We’re still working, staying connected, and especially, we even discovered many hidden talents through fun activities at home such as “cooking show”, “transform your space”, etc.

Working from home caused certain inconveniences, but we can’t help to compliment our efforts. We even successfully rebranded and created a new look for the Innovature BPO logo during the social distancing. This work of art has received praise from the board of directors, all employees, and our customers.

The long-lasting isolation ended, Saigon burst with joy, and so did Innovature BPO. This pandemic has been a nightmare for everyone, but thanks to it, we become robust, tougher, and have a strong faith in ourselves. We are happy to be here today to share our thoughts.

2022 has come with more challenges and obstacles. It doesn’t matter because we’re already strong enough to overcome everything. Let’s wait another year to see what we have in 2022.