Winner of 2021 Innovature BPO Employee of the Year Award

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A business’s success comes from everyone’s effort. And Innovature BPO always acknowledges every employee’s contribution by celebrating an honorable award to appreciate their hard work, achievement during the year.

That’s why we held the Innovature BPO Employee of the Year Award to honor and recognize staff member’s effort, contribution, productivity, and dedication to the Innovature BPO house. This is also a great moment to let employees and management reflect, review the company’s goals, challenges throughout the year.

Innovature Employee of the Year Award
Winner of 2021 Innovature BPO Employee of the Year Award

The winner was chosen through two rounds of voting. In the first round, each staff member will have two votes for each of the three voting groups to find the top 3 nominees. Then in the second round, the leadership board will discuss and vote among the top 3 nominees to select the winner.

And finally, after two rounds of fair voting, the Employee of the Year Award goes to Galina Tran from Operations Team.

During her time with Innovature BPO, Galina has proven her commitment, acumen, and excellent problem-solving skills. Her positive attitude and achievements have significantly contributed to the company’s success.

Let’s take a moment to sit back and listen to the winner sharing her feelings and thoughts.

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