5 Trends that will shape the 2021 Customer Care Landscape - Innovature BPO Services

5 Trends that will shape the 2021 Customer Care Landscape – Innovature BPO Services

Here are the five key trends that will shape the 2021 Customer Care Landscape. This information can help create a solid blueprint for how care support leaders can ensure everything finds balance. Balance, in this case, means being high levels of efficiency, a great customer experience, and measurable bottom-line impact.

Customer expectations are rising so catch up all your Care Teams

It absolutely no surprise that customer expectations are higher than ever. As consumers ourselves, we all know just how high our expectations can get!  We demand quick, personal support, 24/7.

But here’s the rub. While 75% of Care support leaders say that customer expectations for their team are increasing, less than half are sure they’re actually meeting those expectations

Technology drives the playbook in 2021

While customer expectations are rising, budgets are dramatically shrinking. With more than half of companies planning to reduce the size of their team as a result of the current economic downturn, care support leaders are turning to technology, instead of headcount, to scale their efforts. In fact, 58% of Care Support leaders plan to increase spending on technology in 2021. 

Proactive Support will gain momentum in 2021

Today Care Support leaders are beginning to invest in a different approach, proactive support. Our research shows 80% of Care Support leaders want to move from a reactive to a proactive approach. For enterprises size organizations are 50% more likely to make that transition.

Proactive support empowers businesses to get ahead of known customer questions and issues before they arise. For companies with thousands upon thousands of customers, it’s the antidote to 48+hour turn times, unending ticket backlogs, and agent burnout. 

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