Following the success of other accounting projects, Innovature BPO has a chance to work with Pinnacle Group. This is one of the 50 fastest-growing women-owned companies in the U.S.A. We worked with Nina Vaca, Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group.

About one of the 50 fastest-growing women-owned companies in the US

How we solved the problem

As an IT consulting and services company, Pinnacle Group is aware that they must constantly innovate, develop their business. Moreover, they find it’s vital to promptly update the latest accounting software, technologies.

No wonder, Pinnacle always chooses the best partners to have excellent service. And in this project, they chose none other than Innovature BPO. We did our job very well to provide Pinnacle Group with top-notch accounting services.

In addition, we also apply the latest accounting software to promptly update new technology, to give our clients accurate data.

Nina Vaca, Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, has given very positive feedback about Innovature BPO’s accounting service. Check out the video below to see what she said.

Innovature BPO provides outsourcing services to clients in North America, Australia, and APAC markets. We now have Video editing & Photo retouching Services, Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Services, and Call center & Telemarketing Services. Our final aim is to meet the needs of all clients.

To help companies foster their businesses, Innovature BPO is trying hard to deliver the best service every day.

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