HR outsourcing service improved a mid-sized company HR functions


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​​HR outsourcing service is not for big-size companies only. Smaller companies can benefit from this service to develop and specialize their activities. The following example of a mid-sized company with 12 employees will show you how.

About client

This case study demonstrates a mid-sized organization in community service. The tight budget and resources prevented this business from building an in-house human resources department. So, they hurried to find an effective way to rebuild their HR functions.

The problem here is, cold cases are becoming corporate culture and system. They negatively impact employee morale and productivity.

Therefore, strategic change, and administrative HR activities are vital to improving workplace morale, employee responsibility, and productivity.

HR outsourcing service Identifies client issue

  • No human resources department
  • Very limited personnel infrastructure
  • Inconsistent people management process, decision-making process. They cause disparity and distrust between employees and management
  • Limited skills in managing senior staff
  • Lack of HR business partner support to make executive decisions
  • No intermediary on-site HR staff to discuss issues, handle disputes between managers and employees
  • Lack of budget to cover HR management activities
  • Employee morale and productivity concerns


The selected HR outsourcing service has offered a suitable solution to solve client’s HR issues, including:

  • An on-site consultant with support from senior HR professionals twice a week
  • Appropriate HR support on a quarterly evaluation
  • Administrative support
  • Online consultation when needed

Besides, this HR outsourcing service also helps client:

  • Organize quarterly HR strategy meetings, to build a clear plan and orientation
  • Specialize in consulting, graduate-level administrative support
  • Develop recruitment strategy, salary reviews, etc.


Outsourcing HR services helped this business achieve remarkable results:

  • Implementation of a people and culture strategy that aligns with the overall organization strategy
  • Centralization of decision-making and personnel approval process. They ensure efficiency and consistency in the organization, management team
  • Filling out previous recruitment gaps
  • Cohesion improved across teams and departments, thanks to employee culture and HR engagement program
  • New performance management tools supporting increased productivity, accountability

The above is just one of many successful examples of using HR outsourcing services. Undeniably, it helps businesses professionalize their HR processes.