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Being an entrepreneur can be difficult and challenging with a lot of daunting tasks. The benefits of independence, flexibility and control tend to offset the fact that one person is trying to tackle too many roles, some of which they may not have the time, skills, knowledge or experience to handle effectively. Luckily, Covid-19 didn’t just make offices virtual, it has also made assistants go virtual.

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Innovature Infographic: 8 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Virtual Assistant Industry During Covid-19

Innovature Infographic: 4 Biggest Trends on Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Industry and 4 Interesting Statistics on Vietnam Labor Workforce

Covid-19 has significant impacts on many aspects of life and businesses, one of which is remote work and hiring practices. Due to the need to cut costs during disruptive phases of the pandemic economic restriction, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and hiring of offshore contract virtual assistants become a ‘new normal’ practice for companies
80% of small businesses plan to outsource services in 2021. Whether to access specialized expertise, handle large-scale workloads, or facilitate growth, companies increasingly see outsourcing as a solution to every problem. Here are the 4 prominent trends in the accounting and financial outsourcing industry that you should be aware of during and post Covid-19.



This is Why Customer Services Outsourcing is The Ultimate Solution to Achieve Higher Quality and Lower Cost

In uncertain times, agility which is the ability to handle whatever comes next becomes the key. With the past year 2020 and now 2021 being the most volatile periods in recent history, companies are urging to build greater flexibility into their support teams. Among defining trends that focus on customer experience, empathy, digital initiatives and automation, offshore outsourcing is one of the ultimate solutions that can meet the need to balance cost, quality, delivery and flexibility.

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Are you being swamped with your pile list of to-dos? Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Will she be your Virtual Assistant?
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