Customer service with Innovature BPO: An insurance company in Fortune 500 list


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This customer service with Innovature BPO is a specific example of outsourcing services. While the number of customers is growing, in-house multilingual agents are not enough. Then, the most efficient solution is to hire BPO services.
Innovature BPO’s helped a client in the Fortune 500 list solve the lack of resources with our superior call center service.

About our client

As a company in Fortune 500 list, this business operation apparatus is entirely professional and specialized. Therefore, no wonder they have Resource Tracking Specialists to track, classify non-employees, handle on/off-boarding processes, ensure compliance with the organization’s policies around authorized access to the company, and provide multilingual customer service support.

The case of customer service with Innovature BPO

This company’s business activities are thriving, and growing customers demand a large number of call center agents. On the other hand, this company also provides support services to customers outside of the US, including the APAC countries, so they’re encountering two challenges:

  • Time zone differences
  • Language barriers

These are two drawbacks their multilingual specialists can hardly handle, and applying BPO service is the best and only option.

This company then decided to hire Innovature BPO customer service with initial demands:

To ensure the service quality, before and during working with this company, Innovature BPO always adheres to our in-house process to select the best agents with required language pairs. In addition, while working with clients, complying with their principles and policies is our top priority.

The solutions and coverage for this client is briefly summarized in the following diagram:

BPO case study: An insurance company in Fortune 500 list improved their customer service with Innovature
BPO case study: An insurance company in Fortune 500 list improved their customer service with Innovature BPO

Our result with this project can be summarized thus:

We acquired the initial demand for call center agents.
Due to the increased workload and expanded scope of customer support, this company required Innovature BPO to enlist more agents to meet their needs promptly.

Innovature BPO specializes in providing outsourcing services to businesses, and this contract with the Fortune 500 list insurance company has shown that our services can well meet clients’ quantity and quality needs.

Whatever the size and discipline of your organization, we have experienced professionals to help you get the most out of your work.