How to build a cell phone policy for call center outsourcing services


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A cell phone policy for call center outsourcing services is a set of documents to regulate call center agents’ cell phone usage during work hours. Phone policy is a core factor in securing confidential data, improving productivity, and applying agents to a strict work rule.

Here is a cell phone policy for call center outsourcing services you can refer to and customize for your company’s needs.

Purposes of a cell phone policy for call center 

At [company name], we understand that cellular phones are an indispensable part of life. However, excessive cellular phone use in the workplace, or using cellular phones in unnecessary circumstances can affect call center agents’ productivity.

That’s why [company name] issues this policy to regulate cellular phone usage in the workplace. We expect agents to adhere to this policy strictly, and any failure to follow the policy will lead to appropriate disciplinary actions.

Scope of the policy

This cell phone policy applies to all internal and remote [company name] employees.

The following is a list of devices applying this cell phone policy:

Personal cell phone policy for call center

Excessive use of personal cell phones, and answering non-work calls during work hours can affect work productivity and distract other agents. All agents are encouraged to make personal calls during off-hours to avoid this situation.

Company-provided cell phone

Due to work needs, [company name] may provide cell phones to employees to handle work-related communications. Employees have cell phone-provided need to ensure that their devices are protected from damage or theft. Otherwise, they have to bear the cost of repairing and replacing the new devices.

Video/audio recording equipment

The use of video or audio recording devices on company premises, without the employer and the person subject to recording permission, is prohibited at [company name]. Recording audio or video in the restroom is also forbidden.

Below are some possible consequences arising if an employee abuses a personal cell phone during work hours:

  • Distractions, delays in work
  • Colleagues disturbance
  • Company data leak due to the connection between personal devices and internal networks.   

Regulations on personal cell phones usage at the workplace

  • Mute mobile devices during business hours
  • Limit personal cell phone use (it is best to use the cell phone during break time only)
  • If it is imperative to receive calls during work hours, agents should make the call away from their work desks, other employees’ work desks, in the break room, or company corridor.

When using a company-issued cell phone, agents need to:

  • Only use it to serve work needs (communicate with clients, and colleagues about work, log in to company social network accounts, work applications provided).
  • Do not log in to personal social networking accounts or personal applications by company phones.
  • You shouldn’t use company-issued phones to play games or surf the web.
  • Don’t use company-issued phones to store personal photos and videos.
  • Do not upload or download non-work-related materials, illegal material, or sexually explicit videos/images.

Disciplinary actions for cell phone policy for call center

[Company name] has the right to monitor any excessive personal cell phone usage by call agents during work hours, which may affect our call center outsourcing services.

If an employee misuses a company-issued personal cell phone for private purposes, the company may issue a warning and revoke his cell phone. If his usage harasses or violates the company’s security or privacy, the company will terminate his employment contract immediately.

Employee acknowledgment

I have read and understand the cell phone usage policy of [company name] and will abide by all conditions to ensure the quality of call center outsourcing services.


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