CSR and Philanthropic Activities – Innovature Team


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Besides the spirit of work hard play hard, we believe Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the accountability that a business must have to the people and community that it affects. This includes social aspects, but also environmental and economic impacts.

From this mindset, we have been proactively participating into several activities, naming some of the following:

  • We visited Saigon Homeless Children periodically to provide some extended support, showing love and care to them. We also participated in 20,000 Virtual Steps Challenge which is the program to raise fund for homeless children. From that, the fund was able to distribute around 2,000 packages of staple foods and life-saving necessities. 2020 has not been a kind year, but we believe it is the year that we enrolled our part more than ever to make humanities kindness shine.
Visiting Orphanage for the homeless kids in Saigon - Innovature Team
Visiting Orphanage for the homeless kids in Saigon – Innovature Team
  • We participated in the HCMC Marathon Sports event, held last January. This marathon was not simply a race, it was also a charitable act wherein the purchased tickets for all Innovature Employees were given to HCMC Association of Victims of the Agent Orange Dioxin. These are the survivors now living with disabilities and still dealing with congenital diseases to their family members.
HCMC Marathon - Innovature Team
HCMC Marathon – Innovature Team
  • Our pleasure to be a part of the Christmas celebration that is organized for over 100 children in rural Tra Vinh Province, Mekong Delta. Our small donation includes supplies for the library, bringing more books, hand wash soaps and clothes only but we saw it bring joy in these children’s eyes.
Philantrophic Activity at Mekong Delta - Innovature Team
Philantrophic Activity at Mekong Delta – Innovature Team