Differences between onboarding and offboarding

Differences between onboarding and offboarding

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Are there any differences between Onboarding and Offboarding that you haven’t known? Let’s see what you can learn from the following article.

Differences between onboarding and offboarding

If you are working in the human resources department, you might have heard onboarding and offboarding.

In a nutshell, onboarding is a process to help a new employee acclimate to a new workplace. Offboarding happens when a company needs to sever ties with an employee as neatly as possible.

However, these two processes have other distinct differences.

Offboarding may happen suddenly

While onboarding can happen at a leisurely pace because the company doesn’t want to overwhelm new employees. The offboarding process may be quite rushed.

You would hope to have an amicable breakup between the business and the employee. However, it’s not always pleasant. According to Innovature BPO’ HR Expertise, there are reasons causing employee’s leave. Maybe they quit because of an unexpected salary, are not satisfied with the boss, are terminated, etc.

In those cases, the company tends to get the employee off as soon as possible and revoke any security clearances the employee has quickly. Therefore, the offboarding process will sometimes be quite sudden. You never know when the employee’s departure will occur.

Onboarding and offboarding: They are opposite

In many cases, when an employee comes to work for a company, he will likely bring in personal belongings. Assuming the employer says ok, those might be keepsakes, plants, statues to decorate his workspace or anything he wants to use to make him feel more at home.

In addition, he might even bring a laptop, or tablet to work if necessary. However, the opposite will happen during the offboarding process. When an employee leaves, he will have to take away all personal items from his workspace that does not belong to the company, and offboarding can resemble a moving day.

The offboarding process may be a bit harsh

Again, both businesses and employees want a peaceful farewell with the last good impression because the worker has another job opportunity. We all hope the worker is pleasant with the time he spent, the friends he made, and the new skills he learned.

However, that does not always happen. The worker might feel unsatisfied with what the business is paying him, or the company might find out that the worker is committing fraud or stealing documents.

This will cause both the worker and the company to suffer a harsh breakup. If necessary, the company may involve the police, and the disgruntled employee may leave bad reviews about the company with friends, acquaintances, or on business forums to release his anger.

The onboarding process is longer than the offboarding process

When an employee starts a new job, it can take several weeks to acclimate. He might need to attend training sessions to learn more about the company. The larger the company is, the more things the new employee has to learn.

New hires also need to spend some time with HR staff to fill out confidentiality agreement forms, salary agreements, and other papers. They may need to tour the building and say hi to other departments to get to know everyone.

In contrast, a worker may need only an hour or two to sever all ties with the company. He can take his possessions, and spend some time signing the personnel paperwork.

In short, while both the onboarding and offboarding processes are vital, the onboarding process will make the workers feel like they are embarking on a new life chapter, and feel excited.

On the contrary, from Innovature BPO’s perspective, the offboarding process might bring a feeling of frustration, but this is also a warm-up step for the workers to put aside this chapter and get ready for a new job, new journey.

No matter what happens, all businesses want their onboarding and offboarding processes to be professional, neat, and leave a good impression on employees.

That’s why businesses should have a team of professionals with a lot of experience handling onboarding and offboarding. While your HR resources are limited or too busy with other tasks, you can trust HR outsourcing companies, like Innovature BPO.

With a team of experienced staff who have worked with different business partners, Innovature BPO can provide you with the best guaranteed-quality onboarding and offboarding processes that make you and your employees most satisfied.

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