Hiring a Virtual Assistant: Top 15 skills to look for

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Top 15 skills to look for

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant can make outsourcing complex tasks easier and considerably reduce your workload. In this article, we’ll look at essential skills that every great Virtual Assistant should possess to help their clients succeed. 

What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

Virtual Assistants are allowing businesses to remain flexible, providing specialized administrative services without the requirements of an in-person office assistant. This remote model offers valuable support and adapts to various customer needs while remaining efficient – optimizing how companies manage their time and resources.

From crafting blog posts to entering data into a database, Virtual Assistants provide invaluable support for businesses of all sizes. With flexible hours and the potential for both part-time or full-time contracts, this profession can offer dynamic opportunities.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant: Top 15 Skills

Ideal Virtual Assistants possess a wide range of skills and abilities. Here are some top skills of a Virtual Assistant to look for.

Communication Skills

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Top 15 skills to look for

Professional Virtual Assistant not only possess the necessary experience but also have outstanding communication capabilities. This includes expert oral and written techniques to keep customers, clients, and employees in sync with their workflows through emails, reports, and presentations while maintaining stellar writing abilities as a bonus.

Project Management

As a Virtual Assistant, it is essential to have top-notch project management skills. This means everything from devising and rolling out unique strategic plans to providing help with company projects or crafting engaging emails/marketing content for various initiatives. Additionally, you may be required to handle basic online support tasks such as website maintenance duties.

Time Management

Time management is a must-have ability for every assistant. To succeed and meet deadlines, they must stay organized and efficiently respond to the most pressing tasks first.

Computer Skills

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Top 15 skills to look for

Computer proficiency is a must-have skill for those looking to break into the Virtual Assistant field – having experience with Microsoft programs like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook puts you ahead of the competition. With these tools in your arsenal, creating reports or documents can be made much more accessible – allowing you to impress clients with high-quality work.

Ability to multitask and Attention to Detail

Virtual Assistants need to be masters of multi-tasking and pay close attention while working on multiple projects simultaneously. To ensure success, they must demonstrate high professionalism across all tasks – no matter how complex or challenging the job is.

Good Decision Making

Virtual Assistant needs more than just valuable skills; they must be able to think critically and exercise sound judgment. When the boss is away, a Virtual Assistant must take the initiative when unexpected issues arise – swiftly navigating potential solutions expeditiously and efficiently. It’s not enough anymore for Virtual Assistants to follow instructions – success requires demonstrating an aptitude for problem-solving on their feet.

A Love for Learning

Being a Virtual Assistant is an exciting opportunity to grow and develop constantly. It takes agility, flexibility, and determination for success – qualities that can be honed with each new challenge faced every day. An eagerness to take feedback constructively and the enthusiasm to find fresh approaches toward meeting company objectives are essential skills in this role.

Social Media Management

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Top 15 skills to look for

Social media mastery is an essential quality for any Virtual Assistant. From managing multiple platforms and creating content to engaging with users and scheduling cross-promotion campaigns, the ability to wield social media effectively has become invaluable in today’s marketing landscape. A well-versed Virtual Assistant in this space will be a tremendous asset to your team.


Working remotely can be an incredible opportunity, but to see it pay off requires disciplined efforts and the fortitude to stay motivated. Scheduling yourself in advance allows you to maximize productivity while catering your hours of operation around whatever is most beneficial for your business.

Customer Service

A successful partnership between assistant and client ultimately relies on excellent customer service. Top-notch interpersonal skills, unwavering calm in stressful situations, and effective communication channels for email and phone are all critical components of a great customer relationship.

Data Entry

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Top 15 skills to look for

Fast, accurate typing is an invaluable asset for any Virtual Assistant. Besides being able to enter data into a computer system efficiently, Virtual Assistants also need strong word processing capabilities and the ability to format documents and make information look presentable.

Other common assignments include researching topics online, transcribing audio recordings, or organizing files – all tasks that require someone who can deliver desirable results quickly, so they don’t disrupt workflow.

Knowledge of Cloud-Based Apps

To stay on top of the ever-increasing demand for real-time collaboration, businesses rely heavily on cloud-based apps like Google Docs and Dropbox. A potential candidate must demonstrate a thorough understanding of these applications so that transferring data will be swift and seamless – essential in today’s competitive market.

Full of Ideas

An efficient Virtual Assistant full of new ideas can be a real asset to any business. Their innovative take on managing tasks, handling clients, and growing your business could prove invaluable.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Top 15 skills to look for

From initiating innovative concepts to overseeing marketing strategies, lead generation, and more, having an experienced Virtual Assistant on your team can power up the growth of your organization.


To ensure the success of your business, you require a Virtual Assistant who will proactively and persistently help with critical tasks. Look for someone who can provide regular updates on their progress to meet objectives without fail. Having this assurance in place gives peace of mind knowing an assistant is always available when needed most.

English Proficiency

Working with Virtual Assistants from international locations is becoming increasingly popular due to their highly cost-effective rates. You can access skilled personnel at an unbeatable price – often for just a few dollars per hour – making this option much more attractive than outsourcing locally.

When hiring Virtual Assistants, it’s vital to verify they possess sufficient English proficiency. Otherwise, communication barriers could lead to misunderstandings and impact the quality of client interactions.

Prioritize hiring Virtual Assistants who have successfully passed an online English mastery test and whom you feel provide excellent conversational skills after conducting phone interviews.

This strategy will offer peace of mind that your business is supported by individuals with solid language abilities capable of interacting confidently in various formats, such as video chat or email, far beyond simple messages.

Outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant can be an efficient way of eliminating the mundane while still ensuring your work gets done and you’re focusing on what truly matters. Review these criteria carefully and ensure that any prospective candidate meets all necessary qualifications before signing them up – this will guarantee long-term productivity.

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