If you want to transcend frontiers to become globally competitive or expand your brand‘s reputation reach, you must go where your customers are by providing a multichannel range of support services. But first and foremost, you must speak your customer’s language!

How multilingual customer support will become your competitive edge?

How multilingual customer support will become your competitive edge?

The world is multilingual, and a lot of businesses understand that the Internet has opened up a world of new customers. When a customer lands on your website but isn’t fluent in English, they’ll navigate to their own language when available. When the potential client calls, they often won’t struggle to convey their needs in a language they’re not fluent in.

Why providing multilingual customer service is important to your business?

Customers would rather conduct business in their own language. When it’s not offered, it makes the entire transaction more difficult, from the purchase to customer service.Meeting the needs of customers from different cultures and who speak different languages is possible with a few additions to a business’ customer support approach and team. As a business grows, the need to implement multilingual options into the business will also grow.Studies and reports show that:

  • 71.5% of customer service leaders claim that support in a native’s own language increases satisfaction.

  • 74% of customers are more likely to repurchase or use services again when after-sales care is available in their own language.

Poor customer service causes companies to lose $62 billion annually. Multilingual support would be able to correct some of these issues. Hiring offshore workers can also help. BPO outsourcing companies, especially for customer service, will have a multilingual staff that is ready to answer customer calls in a variety of languages.

What are the benefits of outsourcing multilingual customer service?

There are a wide variety of benefits when investing in multilingual customer service agents, which not only impacts your business, but also how your customers relate to your brand:

1. Higher levels of customer satisfaction

93% of customers read online reviews before buying a new product. Therefore, having good reviews is essential to winning the trust of prospective customers in today’s day and age. Offering multilingual support helps you increase customer satisfaction to a high enough level where the customers want to leave positive feedback. This is especially necessary for products that have only recently appeared on the market and you are looking to get a solid foothold in your niche area.

2. Dependable customer loyalty and retention

Gaining the trust of your customers and ensuring repeat business is one of the keys to growing your business and providing multilingual support can help you do just that. In fact, 70% of customers feel more loyal to companies that offer support in their native language. On a similar note, 67% of customers are willing to switch brands due to a poor customer experience. From these statistics, we see the impact multilingual support can have on your business, which means that you need to be able to provide support in as many languages as possible.

3. An amazing increase in sales and revenues

Though sales are influenced by a myriad of factors, people love to do business with people whom they can easily communicate with. When language serves as the perfect bridge, things work very well in your favor. When you go global, people trust you more as an international brand. Studies reveal that this trend will keep on increasing only. Thus, revenue will increase.

4. A solid marketing strategy leading to a larger client bases expansion

Based on culture, the way people think varies and furnishes your business with a wide variety of innovative ideas that can be constructive. Understanding differences between cultures is pivotal to reach and cater to culturally diversified targets. This gives your business a solid foundation for expansion.

To conclude, with multilingual customer support services, foreign language speaking customers can now interact with your brand in the language that is most comfortable to them. It can be in their native language or in their second foreign language.


At Innovature, we have a multicultural team that speaks multiple languages including English, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. We are currently providing multilingual customer support to the US, Korean and APAC markets.

Our Customer Services include:

  • Social Media Chat & Mailbox Management
  • Inbound & Outbound Call Center
  • Over-the-Phone Interpretation
  • Translation from/into multiple languages, including English, Vietnamese, Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese.

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