Innovature Company Meeting H1-2024: One Goal, Unified Growth

Innovature Company Meeting H1-2024: One Goal, Unified Growth

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On February 22, 2024, we held our Innovature Company Meeting for the first half of the year. It was a key time for us to look back at what we’ve done, share ideas, and plan how we’re going to grow and become a top outsourcing provider around the world. This meeting was a great chance for everyone to work together, think up new ideas, and make sure we keep pushing forward.

We talked about the progress we’ve made, celebrating the big steps we’ve taken as a company. We also set our sights on what’s coming next, making plans for how we can achieve even more. Our main goal is growth, and we’re all about finding new and better ways to do things, which is what Innovature is all about. This meeting was a chance for everyone to get involved in planning our future.

We started the meeting with a fun game to get everyone talking and working together.

Innovature Company Meeting H1-2024: One Goal, Unified Growth

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Quang Doan, our Director of Client Services, shared how well our CSS team did in the second half of 2023 and talked about our plans for 2024. He stressed the importance of keeping our service quality and how this will help us grow and reach our goal of being a top outsourcing provider.

Quang Doan

Rachel Truong, our Accounting Service Manager, updated us on how the Accounting Services team is doing. 

Rachel Truong

Kim Duong, our Chief Accountant, went over the achievements of the Finance and Accounting Department. She highlighted how managing our finances well is key to our expansion and how her team is working hard to support our big goal.

Kim Duong

Lucia Le, our HR Manager, talked about the big wins in using technology to make the HR department more efficient. She outlined what her team plans to do in 2024 to help Innovature grow by making sure we have the right people on our team.

Lucia Le

Nam Nguyen, our Business Solutions Operations Manager, gave insight into our Sales and Marketing efforts. He explained how these activities are essential for bringing in new clients and keeping the ones we have, which is vital for our growth and becoming a leading outsourcing provider.

Nam Nguyen

This year, we’re also focusing more on giving back to the community. We’ve set up a special team for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, led by Lucia Le, our HR Manager. This shows we’re not just about growing our business but also about making a positive impact on our community.

Clara Vo from our Partnership Committee talked about our CSR work during Tet and what we’re planning for 2024

Clara Vo

To close the meeting, Ms. Thuy Doan, the Founder and CEO of Innovature BPO, gave an inspiring talk. She pushed us all to work hard and focus on our growth. She reminded us of our big goal to be a top outsourcing provider worldwide and how every team member is important in reaching that goal.

CEO Thuy Doan

We’re excited to meet again next half year and see how much closer we’ve gotten to our goal!

Innovature Company Meeting H1-2024: One Goal, Unified Growth

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