Social responsibility has always been an important part of Innovature culture and taken seriously throughout the company.

To show our helping hands in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic that has been affecting the lives of millions of people across the country, Innovature has encouraged and supported our employees to participate in the “Run for Vaccine” virtual race.

The event was run by VnExpress in order to help Vietnam’s government raise the “Vaccine Fund” to meet the number of about 150 million doses of vaccines for about 75 million people.

The “Run for Vaccine” race is organized with the aim to raise the spirits of those on the front lines, patients in the treatment phase and donate to the Vaccine Fund. “Steps of Solidarity” is the campaign’s call-to-action message on the joint effort and consensus of all people. Like “many a little makes a mickle”, each person’s small contribution will also create a great resource in the support for the war against coronavirus. And together, we will soon overcome the pandemic.

The race has four distance registration categories, namely, 10km, 21km, 42km, and 100km. Each runner has 21 days to complete the distance they have registered. With each registration fee to the race, the participant has served as a volunteer, joining hands with the Ministry of Health and the Government in the fight against the pandemic.

To encourage our employees to register and run for the better, Innovature sponsored the registration fees for all participants who completed their registered distance goal. From June 9 to July 7, 2021, we gathered 24 runners from different departments, 14 of whom hit their target race with a total of over 408km completed. We proudly announce the Top 3 Innovature runners who have finished the race earliest per category as follows.  

Innovature runners hit total 408km in the “Run for Vaccine” virtual race

Innovature runners hit total 408km in the “Run for Vaccine” virtual race

Congratulations to all of you! We appreciate your time and effort joining this activity. Once again, thank you and we are looking forward to your participation in our next activity. 

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