Innovature’s company trip 2022: One Team – One Spirit

Innovature BPO's team building

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From 22nd to 24th of October 2022, Innovature’s big family gathered for a company excursion to Mui Ne Beach, Binh Thuan Province, one of the most well-known and scenic travel destinations in South Central Vietnam. Three days may seem short, but the trip leaves everyone with many lasting memories.


This year, we used “One Team, One Spirit” as the manifesto of the trip. This not only reflects our core values but also a great opportunity for the team members to bond and get closer through many fun and meaningful activities. The journey began with our bus ride to the resort, after a long ride since early morning, the team took time to recharge for the upcoming hectic schedule.

ICE6494 Edit scaled
The team arrived safe and sound at Mui Ne Bay Resort

After a lunch break upon arrival, the teams all gathered to prepare and rehearse for that night’s gala performance. It would be described as playtime rather than just a rehearsal.

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ICE6529 scaled ICE6587 scaled


Gala Dinner took the spotlight with beautiful decorations, colorful outfits, and a thousand we-fie pictures!

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Our powerful CEO – Ms. Thuy Doan opened the show

 Innovature’s Got Talent was the most expected part of the night as each team spent a lot of time and effort. It was also a chance to discover hidden gems and showcase top-notch talents. Undoubtedly, Innovaturers shined on the stage with magnificent, creative, amazing performances. The whole team enthusiastically participated in cheering with many laughs and applauses.

ICE6800 scaled
The epic performance of Paul & Emma from Pinnacle Accounting with “Let it go”
companytrip1 scaled
Vivian from Marketing – Can’t take my eyes off you
companytrip2 scaled
Troi Oi team – Summer Fresh dance
comtrip1 scaled
Tristan & Jacob from SVP Accounting – Jamaica Farewell
ICE7644 2
Tom from PIN Acct with stand-up comedy

Funniest and most engaging part: Game on!

comtrip2 scaled

After enthusiastic voting, Summer Fresh from Trời Ơi team spectacularly won two grand prizes: Best performance & Most Favorite Performance

comtrip 7 scaled
Trời Ơi team


The following day continued with the most exhausting but funniest part: Team building. If the Got Talent showed us the talents of Innovatures, then the team building revealed another “slayed” version of them. Everyone enjoyed the games excitedly with full of energy.

comtrip9 scaled

comtrip 10 scaled

comtrip 11 scaled

comtrip 12 scaled

In daily life, we might not have many chances to talk to our colleagues as we’re all workaholics. However, the game brought us closer, come on, let’s crush them as a team!

comtrip 13 scaled

comtrip 15 scaled

We rocked it til’ all of us were exhausted, closing a hectic and cheerful teambuilding session. The Mui Ne’s sun had nothing to compare with the heat from our energy!

Team building was also the last activity on schedule, the team took some rest and prepared to get back to Saigon. The trip was over but memories stayed forever. Let’s take a look at the recap video and remember the gratitude and reward that we experienced together.

See you next year!

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