Innovature’s company trip 2023: Journey to the West

Innovature's company 2023

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From 11th to 12th of November 2023, Innovature’s big family gathered for a company trip to Can Tho Province, one of the most well-known and scenic travel destinations in southern Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region. Although the two days may feel brief, the journey created numerous lasting memories for everyone involved.

Wander West, Discover Best

This year, we picked Can Tho, nestled in the vibrant heart of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, for a special gathering full of connections and cherished moments. Our two-day adventure isn’t just about team bonding through exciting activities; it’s a unique opportunity for Innovaturers to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty and rich culture of Can Tho, from float markets to ancient pagodas. We have enjoyed the trip in line with the spirit “Wander West, Discover Best”.

Innovature's company trip 2023: Journey to the West

During the trip, we enjoyed the rich and unique local flavors of the western river area. The dishes, while simple, were exceptionally distinct, creating memorable taste experiences.

Gala Dinner

Thuy Doan

At the gala dinner, our CEO – Ms. Thuy Doan, delivered motivational speeches, expressing gratitude to the entire Innovature team for a year of hard work.

The gala dinner, featuring thrilling activities, is a key factor in the success of the company trip. Innovaturers have dedicatedly rehearsed and delivered remarkable performances, adding a personal touch. These performances demonstrate that Innovaturers are skilled not only in their professional roles in accounting, human resources, and marketing, but also as talented “artists”.


Daisy surprised everybody with her sweet and ethereal singing voice.


Leon delivered his performance with complete mastery.

Cay nha la vuon

The collaboration performance by the Cay Nha La Vuon team was excellent, earning them the Best Collaboration award

Aris and David

Aris wowed everyone with his superb imitation of Amee’s voice, teamed up with David for a performance of the song ”’Ex’ Hate Me 2”


Tom contributed to this year’s company trip with a charming and humorous solo comedic performance.


Mina welcomed Can Tho with the song “Ve mien Tay”

In addition, Innovaturers enjoyed refreshing themselves with fun games and enticing prizes.

Team Building

In line with the “Journey to the West” concept, Innovature members, whether from every corner of the country or international friends, all got to experience wearing a “Ba Ba” shirt, the traditional southern Vietnamese garment, and participated in folk-inspired games that emphasized teamwork.

Innovature's comapny trip 2023

After months of hard work, this was an opportunity for team members to shed their fatigue, recharge their energy, and let loose through both on-land and underwater games.

Innovature's company trip 2023

Innovature's company trip 2023

Innovature's company trip 2023

Innovature's company trip 2023

Innovature's company trip 2023

The company trip to Can Tho was a resounding success, weaving together moments of teamwork, cultural exploration, and sheer enjoyment. As we go back to our daily routines, the camaraderie and memories from this trip will surely inspire and reinforce our collaborative spirit at Innovature.

See you next year!

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