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Innovature provides business and technology outsourcing services to clients in North America, Australia and Asian markets. We enable clients to become high-performance businesses and create long-term relationships by helping drive productivity and efficiency while delivering measurable results. Our commitment is to attract, develop and retain the best talents for our business, challenge our people, demonstrate “can-do” attitude and foster a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

How does BPO work?

Outsourcing has many functions to offer, and progresively develop new demands. Companies now outsource HR tasks, Admin management, processing of telephone calls (call-centers), bookkeeping and so forth. The processes may differ, depending on the specifics and industry of each organization. At Innovature, we genuinely share you our process on how to save your time and operation cost. 

Your normal internal process

1. Need an urgent back fill within a week.

How does Innovature BPO work?

>> Innovature with a team of 20 Accountants can provide you a back fill resource in 48 hours.

2. Higher recruitment cost for immediate recruitment and extra time for recruitment

>> You don’t need to spend extra time in sourcing the candidates and no extra recruitment cost besides the cost to Innovature. You can save up to 40% of the cost maintaining internal resource. 

3. Spending extra time to receive transition and to maintain the task coverage while the backfill resource hasn’t started

>> Innovature resource will start receiving the transition tasks. Your core team can concentrate on their main functions.

4. Spending extra time for interviewing candidates and finalize the benefit package with candidate.

>> No need to spend extra time to interview and finalize the benefit package with each candidate. The resource will be under Labor contract with Innovature and complied under Vietnam labor code.

5. The onboarding/ training process for new hire takes days and months while you are not sure about the commitment and the performance of the new hire.

>> Innovature will handle the onboarding process and if the backfill resource does not perform well, the replacement will be within a week without extra cost.

Our Simple Process

  • Send us a pilot job for a trial run. We will receive the set up logins for our team and complete the work within two weeks for a review stage.
  • Pay us upon a job completion.
  • Once expectations are met and you are happy with our service quality, agreed with the price, and be familiarized with the process, we will work out and arrange the workload you will require us to do. We wil allocate you a team at the right size that will be able to manage your tasks.
  • A team leader will be assigned as your main point of contact.
  • Our service billing will be per headcount and of 40 hours/ week. The payment cycle will be on a monthly basis.

We can improve your standard process to a more efficient system

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