Keys to Building A Team of Contact Center Super Agents – An Insight from ServiceNow


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Keys to Building A Team of Contact Center Super Agents - An Insight from ServiceNow
Keys to Building A Team of Contact Center Super Agents – An Insight from ServiceNow

In the Future of the Contact Center Forecast – November 2020 edition, ServiceNow points out the four main challenges that contact centers around the world are facing post COVID-19, which are:

  • The emergence of work-from-home (WFH)
  • Transformation of Digital communication
  • Rise in contact volume
  • Revolution of customer behaviors and demands

Also in this edition, the renowned SaaS (Software-as-a-service) provider reveals 4 ways to build a team of contact center super agents that are capable of adapting to unpredictable circumstances, connecting with difficult and demanding customers, and communicating exceptionally in all channels. Report link

Deliver the right kind of happiness

Happy agents create happy customers

Cultivating a team of super agents, therefore, involves reducing the effort and frustration involved with contact center work by optimizing service operations and eliminating “busy work” and repetitive tasks that stand in the way of problem-solving and other fulfilling interactions with customers.

Make “strategic calls” a reality

“You’ll want to make sure common, repetitive questions and requests can be solved by the customer without involving an agent” advises Ramsey.

To be able to do that, elevate self-service and create more empowering contact center environments, re-train them for an era of customer contact, in which interactions are increasingly personal and frequently spread across contact channels.

Elevate the WFH experience

Not simply about communication, proper engagement helps agents make the most of the work-from-home environment. It offers work autonomy and scheduling flexibility, while also helping agents establish themselves as specialists for certain types of customers or experts for certain types of issues. It generates the kind of agent happiness that translates into customer delight.

Think beyond the “Contact Center”

Not just helpful for individual interactions or tasks, eliminating silos will spur overarching improvements to the service operation by allowing all stakeholders to share data, make customer-centric business decisions, and collaborate on vital process improvements.

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