#LeaderTalks – An Engaging Discussion With Nam Nguyen – Client Services Operation Manager


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Welcome to the last interview of our #LeaderTalks Series! Today, we are excited to have Nam Nguyen, Client Services Operation Manager. In this discussion, Nam will share his practical experiences and valuable insights on leadership and management. Get ready to be inspired by Nam’s unique perspective on these important subjects.

Nam’s Leadership Style

Which leadership style do you prefer: strict or easygoing?

I would say my style is a combination of both. I believe in fostering an easygoing and relaxed atmosphere when connecting with my team during break times or outside of work. By doing so, I cultivate a positive and enjoyable environment that strengthens our relationships. However, when it comes to matters of work quality, I adopt a more stringent and direct approach. I set high expectations that challenge and motivate the team to perform at their absolute best. This balance allows us to maintain a healthy camaraderie while also achieving excellence in our endeavors. Recognizing the importance of both camaraderie and exceptional performance, I aim to lead with wisdom, understanding that a well-crafted harmony of styles can bring out the best in individuals and the team as a whole.

Has your leadership style remained consistent or changed over time?

Absolutely. I believe in life-long learning and I always keep myself open to new approaches. To me, the journey of growth and self-improvement is a continuous one, and I strive to remain receptive to new approaches and fresh perspectives. Embracing this mindset, I find great value in observing and learning from every individual I encounter. Each person carries within them a unique set of qualities, experiences, and insights, which I consider an abundant source of wisdom and learning.

Nam’s Approach To Challenges

What do you think is the biggest strength of Innovature BPO right now?

To me, “people” is the number 1 factor that decides the success of an organization. At Innovature BPO, we are lucky to have a good combination of experienced staff, and young and potential staff. We understand and respect the differences in generations, and we are willing to learn the best values from each other to make this our strength.

Nam’s Opinion On Team Collaboration

How does the leadership team communicate and collaborate with employees effectively?

A leader needs to work, stay, and be a part of the team to understand their situation and difficulty. With this, you can be able not only gain their trust but also make the decision that brings value to the team and is effective for the organization

Can you share an example of a successful collaboration project within your team, highlighting the key factors that contributed to its success?

Our company has recently onboarded a brand new team with nearly 20 employees. To effectively set up and get the team started, several of our tenure members from other teams have been involved and supported the newcomers with different responsibilities from building operation plans, developing manuals and guidelines, training, and quality control. After 1 month, the team has been stabilized in manpower, and operation, and showing improvement progress continuously. Here are two key factors that contributed to our success:

  • The tenure members are recognized for their values and how they can use that to effectively support a new team and contribute to the success of the company. They also understand the benefits and value they can professionally gain after their contribution to the project.
  • The new team can quickly adapt to company culture, have clear guidance, and receive timely support.

Nam’s Pieces Of Avice

A piece of advice do you give to Innovaturers who want to strive for excellence and aim for a leadership role?

  • Understand well the expectation of the work that you do, and find a way to exceed that. Understanding expectations helps set clear goals, but true growth and success stem from consistently exceeding them. Going the extra mile, pushing boundaries, and delivering exceptional results leave a lasting impression on peers and superiors. Exceeding expectations showcases a genuine commitment to continuous improvement and delivering exceptional value in all endeavors.
  • Keep yourself open to new challenges, get out of your comfort zone, and say yes to it. Stepping outside your comfort zone opens doors to possibilities, learning, and untapped potential. It may seem daunting initially, but these experiences develop new skills and valuable insights, making you versatile and confident in tackling diverse challenges. Embrace the unknown, take calculated risks, and relish the growth that comes from venturing into uncharted territory.


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