A leading lifestyle product provider in Canada


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One of Innovature BPO’s typical clients is Giftcraft – a leading lifestyle product provider in Canada. Giftcraft outsourced Innovature BPO’s photo editing service and received top-notch results to complete a rush project. Featured with our photo editing service, Innovature BPO has helped Giftcraft and many companies from different industries to boost their businesses.

About the leading lifestyle product provider in Canada

  • Company name: Giftcraft
  • Location: Canada
  • Industry: Wholesale (Lifestyle product provider)
  • Company size: 200-500
  • Service implemented: Photo editing

Giftcraft’s feedback about Innovature BPO photo editing service

Giftcraft is located in Brampton, ON, Canada. This is a lifestyle, fashion, decor, giftware, health, wellness, and gourmet wholesale supplier with over 70 years of experience.

Giftcraft aims to inspire its customers to create joyful memories of life’s special moments. So, their products are always top-quality and have eye-catching, on-trend designs.

So, besides providing quality-proven products, Giftcraft’s visual images also need to be perfect and impressive. Innovature BPO’s photo editing service is honored to bring them appealing photos.

This is a stunning and challenging project. However, our long-term experienced experts brought Giftcraft the perfect final products.

No wonder Anne Phetchampa – Fashion Assistant/Designer at Giftcraft, was extremely pleased and gave us positive feedback. The most notable recognition is our capability to manage rush projects with minimal revisions.

Check out the video below to see what her feedback is!

Innovature BPO is an outsourcing company specializing in bringing clients in North America, Australia, and APAC markets with premium services that can foster their businesses.

We currently have three main outsourcing services:

Thanks to a team of experienced personnel, and professional customer service, regardless of the size of your project, Innovature BPO strives to deliver an outstanding and satisfying final product.