Human resources are the key to growing a business. However, a company with minor HR staff will find it hard to meet the excellent recruitment demand, especially for businesses on the rise and need a large workforce.

Therefore, many companies have hired call center outsourcing services to have a good source of high-quality candidates in a short time. And one of them is a staffing firm, and they are Innovature BPO’s client and one of the largest staffing firms in the US.

About one of the largest US staffing firms

This Innovature BPO’s client specializes in providing workforce solutions for US clients. Its mission is to carry out an effective onboarding process, help new candidates go through the process smoothly, and help businesses shortlist the best candidates.

Their usual onboarding process includes Drug & Background Screens, Onboarding Paperwork, i9 forms, etc. In addition, they also need to correspond SLAs for each client, including Data Entry, Uploading Documents, Match Auditing, etc.

The problem explained and what we did

The recruitment demand of clients is growing fast, requiring this staffing firm to onboard a lot of candidates. The problem arises when their HR staff can’t control the heavy workload. So, they hire call center outsourcing services to save costs and maintain work efficiency.

Working mainly with US clients, this staffing firm needs an English fluent BPO service. They need a firm that is experienced in working with US clients, and Innovature BPO is their reliable partner they choose to cooperate in this project.

Innovature BPO’s experienced onboarding analysts share workloads with the onshore team, process paperwork, and facilitate the onboarding process for new consultants.

In addition, Innovature BPO also supports clients on special projects and ensures regular reports to update new hires. Despite the rush project and fastidious requirements, Innovature BPO received positive feedback from our client.

Our result with this project can be summarized thus:

BPO case study: One of the largest US staffing firms boosted their service with Innovature’s call center outsourcing services
BPO case study: One of the largest US staffing firms boosted their service with Innovature BPO’s call center outsourcing services

Innovature BPO provides outsourcing services to clients in North America, Australia and APAC markets. To aid our clients to foster their businesses, Innovature BPO always tries our best to bring high-quality and dedicated services. Thanks to a team of experienced professionals, we are confident to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

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