Online photo editing tools vs. photo post production services: A comparison


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Professional photo editing is a time-consuming task. Whether you’re a photographer, a blogger, a real estate agency, or a content and social media agency, you’ll come across tons of online photo editing tools, or photo post production services to help you out.

The question is, should you choose online editing tools, or hire a photo editing company? Let us make a small comparison to find the most time-saving and affordable choice.

Popular online photo editing tools


Pixlr is currently a free image editor for a quick touch-up, and it’s completely free. You can directly edit your photos right on the Pixlr with full support tools such as Image Resize, Layer, Adjustment, Filter, etc. Moreover, Pixlr supports JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PXD.
Unlike some online tools, you can edit photos right on this Pixlr without registering for an account.

Online photo editing tools vs. photo post production services: A comparison


Canva is a flexible online design and publishing solution. Whether it’s a photo editor, photo collage, logo, invitation, or poster maker – Canva makes graphic design easy. This online free photo editor is available on iPhone, iPad, and desktop, so you can create, edit, and share your designs that suit your needs best.

Online photo editing tools vs. photo post production services: A comparison

Canva’s free photo editing service gives you 250,000 edit templates, plus 5GB of cloud storage to save designs. To start using Canva, you need to register for an account.


Photopea is reviewed as an alternative to Photoshop. It is an user-friendly web-based application with similar features and functions to Photoshop.

Online photo editing tools vs. photo post production services: A comparison

The free version of Photopea doesn’t show any content drawbacks, but it contains annoying pop advertisements and banners, especially on smaller displays. You can buy the Pro version to remove the ads.

Online photo editing tools vs. photo post production services

Online editing tools are convenient and user-friendly, but you may risk losing track. Some tools, although free, reveals many limitations in features, making it impossible for users to have final high-quality photos.

Meanwhile, professional photo editing software offers a wide range of features, functions, and tools. These software can provide you with high-quality and creative photos in a whole new experience or expression.

However, a professional must work on difficult levels to create such photos. If you have a photo editor, it’s sometimes unlikely that he can be flexible all functions, especially if he is dealing with many photos at once.

Hence, this is where a photo editing company can help you get beautiful photos, with optimal cost and effort.

Fortunately, Innovature BPO can help you with exactly that. Whether your business is large, medium, or small, our photo editing service delivers top outcomes.

Online photo editing tools vs. photo post production services: A comparison

We offer a wide range of photo editing options tailored to your needs:

  • Model retouching: Remove strange hair, Edit skin, Change color production, Color Enhancement, Clean unwanted object, Background removal.
  • Ghost/mannequin retouching, change color product.
  • Jewelry photo retouch: Clean unwanted object, Background removal, Change color product.
  • Background removal: erase, deep etching, simple, complex, and super complex background.
  • Clipping path services: cut out, simple-standard-complex, and super complex clipping path.

We’re committed to providing outstanding and cost-efficient service with experienced professionals who have worked with clients from many fields.

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