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Why BPO is gaining steam?

Partnering with a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, says Daniel Melchior, North American advisory practice leader for global business services and shared services with The Hackett Group. Outsourcing human resources, accounting and other tasks to a specialist in those areas frees up valuable time and resources.

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Five Reasons Outsourcing Should be on the Mind of Every Business Owner Right Now

If you are wondering whether outsourcing is worth investing in, take a look at why you may want to give this a chance.

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What’s on Trump’s H-1B Ban: Boost for Domestic Technologists, or Outsourcing?

Will President Trump’s temporary ban on H-1B visas boost domestic hiring, or will it lead companies to embrace outsourcing?

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Post-Production Market Analysis Highlights the Impact of COVID-19 2020-2024 and Digital Transformation of Post-Production Processes to Boost the Market Growth

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform the growth of various industries, the immediate impact of the outbreak is varied.

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Vietnam ranked No.1 pioneering location for BPO services

Vietnam offers many advantages for international IT buyers.

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