Modern Citizen – a rising fashion brand in the US, is one of our favorite clients. We had a chance to collaborate with them on a recent project.

Modern Citizen and what you should know

Behind an excellent photo is a wonderful photographer or a dedicated photo editing service. Beautiful pictures will boost or drag down our mood. Therefore, a high-quality photo editing service is always acknowledged and positions its brand in clients’ minds. 

Before you know how Innovature helped Modern Citizen, let’s take a look at their summary:

  • Company name: Modern Citizen
  • Location: America
  • Industry: Retailer (Fashion, Clothing, Apparel, Design)
  • Company size: 20
  • Service implemented: Photo editing

How Innovature solved the problem

Modern Citizen is a fashion brand in San Francisco, USA. It sells fashion products with dynamic and motivating styles, helping women stay confident and comfortable in all activities.

And it’s great that they chose Innovature’s photo editing service to let customers feel the spirit of each product. Their requirements are not too complicated, but they require high-level skills.

Thanks to our skillful talents, we did this project successfully. Moreover, it was so great that we received positive feedback from Nicole Wu.

Photo editing service: A rising fashion brand in America

A rising fashion brand in America

Modern Citizen allows Innovature to improve our skills and experience. Thanks to this chance, we also understand what a friendly and safe brand for customers is.

If you might not know, Innovature BPO provides outsourcing services to clients in North America, Australia, and APAC markets. We now have Video editing & Photo retouching ServicesFinance & Accounting Outsourcing Services, and Call center & Telemarketing Services. Our final aim is to meet the needs of all clients.

To help companies foster their businesses, Innovature is trying hard to deliver the best service every day. Contact us now and let us know what you need.