Top 10 best RPA Tools for BPO in 2022

Top 10 best RPA Tools for BPO in 2022

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With Robotic Process Automation (RPA) slowly becoming a new dominant technology in the industry, more and more companies are getting inclined toward incorporating it into their back-office tasks. An extensive range of tools available on the market that organizations can use to automate workflow processes using RPA. This tutorial will show various RPA tools and how to choose the right tool for your business.

Categories of RPA Tools

Programmable RPA Bots: This is the first generation of RPA bots. They were programmed with programming, and those who coded had to understand how it worked for them to perform actions on their behalf- completing tasks.

Self-learning Tools: After a rigorous employee activity, the developer/employee understood how to work through this process and took over.

Cognitive or Intelligent Automation Bots: The development of bots with advanced functionalities, such as machine learning, natural language processing and image recognition, has led to a new generation. This is partly because these capabilities make them capable enough for tasks previously handled only by humans.

Standards for Selecting the Right RPA Tool

Many RPA tool providers claim their product is perfect for any organization. But with so much competition in this space, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if organizations have trouble choosing which one will work best. The main features to look for in any RPA tool while choosing one are listed below.


The architecture of an RPA tool depends on where one decides to employ it. The design of an RPA tool is deeply rooted in its layered architecture. The requirements for full delivery, reusability components, and ease of access are also embedded within this structure so that it can be quickly deployed with little maintenance.

Easy Usage

The best RPA tools are easy to use and offer a wide range of features that make them perfect for any type or size of business. These include basic process automation with built-in extendable commands and wizards and more complex GUIs so users without programming knowledge can create their workflows on top of it.


It’s essential to have a reliable RPA tool because it will be used for various use cases with extensive data and different conditions. The performance quality should not degrade while performing these iterations, so you need something that can handle everything thrown at them without breaking down between tasks.


The evaluation of an RPA tool must include how quickly and easily the user can respond to fluctuations, changes in business needs, or increased operations. It also has criteria that test whether a single bot can execute multiple workflows simultaneously without any difficulties.


The tool must support a number of operating systems and allow you to configure custom features without having to pay extra for vendor customization.

10 best RPA tools for BPO

Keysight’s Eggplant

Top 10 best RPA Tools for BPO in 2022

Eggplant is a platform that offers RPA solutions to automate the repetitive tasks of your company. It provides universal engines, which means you can test any system and use it across Windows, Mac & Linux, providing automation from start to finish with various interactions for more complex jobs.

Eggplant is a great way to automate tedious tasks that would otherwise take up your time. You can set it so any data source, including numbers or text strings, will chain together and run automatically when certain conditions are met – without constant supervision from you.

Inflectra Rapise

The use of Rapise has been increasing over recent years. It is a system that specializes in testing complex applications like MS Dynamics, Salesforce, and SAP with its support for hybrid business scenarios, which can automate web-based and mobile apps.

The RPA experts at Rapise can connect to the user interface of an application in test mode, complete tasks, and verify that they work correctly. This is easy for people without programming knowledge as well.

Blue Prism

Blue Prism RPA automates a company’s tasks with the help of programming, but anyone can use it. With its simple interface and wide range for automation purposes, this tool requires no previous knowledge of how to program – making learning easy as pie.

The main advantage of using Blue Prism is its speed and ability for adaptation. However, this comes at a price; it requires programming knowledge and high costs compared with other platforms that offer similar features.


Top 10 best RPA Tools for BPO in 2022

UiPath is a perfect tool for businesses of any size. The user interface makes it easy to use, even if you’re not an expert in programming or web design! With this software, your company can handle complex processes with ease and security because UIPath takes care of protecting all data from being seen by the wrong eyes – by managing credentials and encrypting the information, as well as role-based access controls.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a reliable and powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. Built with security in mind, it offers basic task automation capabilities and effective cloud services that can be used on any platform – from desktop computers to mobile devices. Its robust features, such as real-time reporting analytics or user authentication credentials, protected data pools. Automate Anywhere guarantees peace of mind when tasks are carried out efficiently without risk.


Pega – The RPA tool is an automation and deployment solution that can be used on desktop servers in addition to offering only cloud-based services. It works with Windows, Linux, or Mac computers helping you deploy your solutions for clients without having them execute locally, which saves time.


With Contextor’s wide range of features, it is an ideal tool for businesses that want to manage their IT needs on-premises or in the cloud. The software offers Windows desktop services and Citrix support with easy access from anywhere through web browsers.

Nice Systems

Top 10 best RPA Tools for BPO in 2022

Nice Systems is the ultimate RPA tool for any company looking to automate mundane tasks. Offers help automate repetitive processes, adhering strictly to compliance standards and up-selling opportunities unique within every industry.

This system can be customized locally or through cloud service to fit your specific needs perfectly while providing detailed analytics and execution reports.


Kofax is a tool that can work with virtually any application. It doesn’t require coding skills and processes data from websites, desktop apps & portals without hassle!

This efficient program also monitors your repetitive tasks to optimize them for greater efficiency while tracking progress in real-time through its easy-to-use interface or centralized management server, where you choose what information gets fed into the Katalyst platform at every step. All explicitly designed around boosting productivity like never before.


Kryon provides three task automation options: unattended, attended, and hybrid. A first option is a self-starting machine that can take on tasks without human intervention.

In contrast, the second choice offers increased efficiency by empowering employees with decision-making power in specific work areas. It can be automated and manually operated at different times depending on your needs (automation).

Finally, a hybrid technology combines these strengths into one package – it gives you speed combined with effectiveness and efficiency.

Different Types of Bots

RPA tools are often used to automate tasks with a defined workflow, but they cannot do so alone. RPA-based software or applications must be combined with bots explicitly designed for this task to complete it efficiently and effectively without any mistakes being made while inputting data into your system.

The bots are configurable software setups that can be used to perform various tasks with the help of commands and codes put together in a logical sequence.

  • Task Bots: Task bots are a way to make repetitive tasks more manageable. These software applications can be used for rule-based processes and structured data, so they’re best suited for jobs with this type of work like HR administration, Procure-to-Pay, Quote-to-Cash, etc.
  • Meta Bots: The Meta Bot can extract information from videos, images, and text. This allows for front-end automation with next-generation integration to make complex processes easier on humans while also scaling them when needed.
  • IQ Bots: The IQ bot can extract information from semi-structured and unstructured data by utilizing its cognitive capabilities. This allows developers to enhance process automation, which can be best utilized for managing fuzzy rules or processing continuous streams of raw input with little structure.

RPA is revolutionizing the business world as we know it. RPA will be one of the most popular solutions for BPO. In this article, we’ve listed the top 10 best RPA tools for BPO in 2022. We hope you find this information helpful and that you can implement some of these tools into your business strategy.

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