We’ve emphasized the benefits of outsourced finance and accounting services. Within this article, let’s explore some types of particular services in the market.

Types of outsourced financial and accounting services

Different services are being provided. And the best provider will polish their services to meet every client’s needs.


Bookkeeping requires a tally of a company’s total earnings and expenses. It accurately reflects the financial situation of a company, and its earnings. Hiring finance and accounting services will help businesses make wise business decisions based on the provided data.

Management accounting

Management accounting is the management of business assets, the internal business activities of clients, reporting on profit and loss based on the company budget, reporting on the fulfillment of key performance indicators, or performance metrics that the company uniquely adapt, cash forecast, revenue.

The outsourcing firm must be very sensitive and skilled in considering how the company’s leadership is carrying out its financial goals.

Tax accounting

According to your area’s bylaws, tax accounting entails data regarding tax income returns and tax payments required for your industry. The outsourced finance and accounting services will keep track of your business’s tax payments, study tax laws, and flag all unnecessary tax payments.

​​Accounting audit

Accounting audit is the management of the company’s receipts, financial records, and reports. It is an important activity, maintaining transparency in the business.
It involves sound business practices and compliance with the law.

Outsourced finance and accounting services will keep a close eye on financial data to eliminate fraud, malpractice, and corruption in the company, no matter how big or small the company is.

Forensic accounting

Forensic accounting is examining all the gaps in a business’ financial records. This activity will detect tax evasion and fraud. In short, forensic accounting is the key to law enforcement in case fraud occurs.

Financial controller services

This service includes coordination with bookkeepers and business owners, in completing monthly management reports. The party hired for this service will process financial data. It is crucial to recruiting, and dealing with clients, among other activities. Financial control will assess how healthy the business is at any given time.

Financial analysis

This service typically includes data on product cost calculation, and profitability, reviewing credits and rebills, reviewing a company’s sales contracts to decide how it affects accounting policies. The entity hired to process this activity will use the financial statements as basis.

Payroll services

Payroll services typically include the tally of the company’s pay cycle, on-demand accounting services, and month-end and year-end services. The outsourced business must find out what the company’s salary management norms, what fair and timely standards are for employees’ compensation.

Statutory reporting and compliance

This service ensures your business meets local and international accounting standards—for example, all tax reports, payroll processing compliance, consolidations, GAAP, or IFRS.

The business outsourced will save a bunch of essential data about your company’s stability, enhancing the company’s appeal to any potential investors.

Above are some popular financial and accounting services in the market. With long-term and experienced experts, Innovature BPO believes that we can give our clients the best and excellent service.

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