Video edting showcase

Our video editing team sees the art of transforming camera rushes into an engaging brand story that will instantly connect your product or services with your target audience.  

  • Color Correction
  • 2D and 3D animation: layout, concept art/storyboard, coloring, voice-over, keyframes …
  • Audio Designing

Experience working with Innovature, you will gain these benefits:

  • Complimentary Trial
  • Vast production capacity
  • High data security
  • Quick turn-around
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Bulk discount: available per request  
  • Time zone advantage, extend your production to 8-10 hours extra

Sample 1:
Creative design of visual art and make movement effects

Job scope:
Design elements or visual art, design keyframe (design and adding effect for the movements of AI file, visual art)

After Effect, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator

Sample 2:
Transforming camera rushes into an engaging brand story

Job scope:
Assembling raw footage, enhance footage, select music, color adding and adjustment, light correcting and effects, sound effects and color contrast.

After Effect, Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve