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Webinar Outsourcing Strategies

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“Accounting and Finance Outsourcing In The Era of Business Transformation” Webinar – with a panel of experts sharing industry insights on Vietnam, the emerging Accounting and Finance outsourcing destination, and key lessons for a successful outsourcing migration, will help companies decide on their outsourcing strategies on the edge of business transformation.

Innovature BPO’s unique perspectives to provide webinar guests with insiders’ analytics and advice

In the webinar, the group of Accounting and Finance experts, on the client side, will provide diverse sharing on how they decide to outsource, what to outsource and what to retain to offshore outsourcing partners, and how Innovature BPO solves their concerns on work quality, delivery, and the scaling of outsourced resources to serve their fast-growing businesses.

The other groups of industry experts will share insights on the Vietnam labor market with a well-trained, young workforce at relatively low pay rates to meet the current global human resource demand. They also share how these human resources play an essential role in the process automation implemented by Innovature BPO as a strategic outsourcing partner to contribute to clients’ successes.

Why outsource to Vietnam?

The first very concern that every company considers outsourcing their Accounting and Finance operations is why they should find a Vietnam outsourcing partner rather than that of any BPO well-known destination. The expert speaker from CareerBuilder Vietnam will provide guests with a clear picture of the Vietnam labor workforce with their long-term, wide-scaled statistics, and detailed analytics to help companies benefit from them.

It is also the reason for Thuy Doan, Innovature BPO’s CEO and Founder – an Accounting and Finance expert with nearly 20 years of experience in both Vietnam and the U.S. set up the outsourcing hub in Vietnam six years ago. “I strongly believe Vietnam, a country with smart and talented young professionals, can compete with BPO giants like India and the Philippines in outsourcing services that offer a higher level of customization, accuracy, timeliness and creativity”.

Key lessons for a successful outsourcing migration

In the era of business transformation with many digital disruptions, it is hard for companies to keep up with all the technologies to maintain their business competitiveness without losing focus on core businesses. They are also struggling with process automation to speed up their business since the processes still need human control and industry know-how to implement.

It is inspiring that Innovature BPO’s clients share their outsourcing experiences as a part of this webinar. There will be useful advice for companies, especially the fast-scaling ones with more and more operational, automation-related and high accuracy-demanding tasks to outsource.

Last but not least, Innovator BPO’s system architects and delivery team will showcase how they handle such process automation in response to the demand from their clients for a fast and sustainable business transformation during the last years.

Register for the webinar

“Accounting and Finance Outsourcing In The Era of Business Transformation” Webinar will be broadcasted online on September 8, 2022 at 10:30 A.M Eastern Time (GMT-4). Only registered attendants are accepted.

Innovature BPO has nearly a decade of working as a pioneering BPO Service Provider in Vietnam to help clients in North America, Canada, Australia and Asia-Pacific expand their global footprints with our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services, including Finance and Accounting Services, Customer Services and e-commerce Post Production Services.
Our boutique, customized solutions keep receiving good referrals from satisfied clients, including one of the largest US IT Staffing firms or a Global Insurance Company on the Fortune 500 list.

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