Why businesses should seriously consider outsourcing telemarketing?


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Telemarketing is an all-time effective tactic in lead generation. Although many may view it as an old-fashioned strategy, especially in the digital age, telemarketing including outbound sales and inbound sales can actually outperform a lot of modern marketing tools. 

However, finding the time and resources to perfect your sales calling skills can be difficult. There are many benefits that a well-trained call center can bring to a company, even if they aren’t in-house. According to Forbes, here are top 5 reasons why businesses should seriously consider investing in an outsourcing telemarketing.

Why businesses should seriously consider outsourcing telemarketing?
Why businesses should seriously consider outsourcing telemarketing?

1. Cost-Effectiveness

An outsourced call center does not require the hiring company to purchase a workspace for employees, such as computers, desks, phones and various office supplies. On top of that, they have been trained and know how to handle leads, and they already have the resources necessary to handle your customers on day one.

2. Better Follow-Up

When your sales team is bogged down with lead after lead and client after client, it gets hard to juggle everything without some leads falling through the cracks. A call center is able to reach out to anyone who may have fallen out of the sales process and stir up business by talking to these leads.Well-trained call centers can make thousands of calls a week and minimize the time it takes to respond. They can act as a safety net to catch anything that your sales team is unable to handle.

3. Better Monitoring Capability

Nearly every reputable outsourced call center has steps in place that allow their clients as well as their own managers to monitor each and every call that gets made. It is in their best interest to make sure their team is as strong as possible so that clients continue to see success through using their services. Their team goals are your team goals, and it is a win-win situation since when you succeed, so does they.

4. Flexibility

Often, outsourcing companies have a variety of shifts for their team. This is to ensure that the massive workload they often have does not become overwhelming, and allows them to work your leads day-in and day-out until they have cleared up any leftover leads that may need tending to. Their flexible hours can bring huge benefits since while your business may only be open for certain hours, the call center will more than likely have representatives available when your own team is not. They can handle the leads that come in overnight or early in the morning before you have even unlocked your doors for the day. One thing we all know in customer services, response time is key, and these extra hours worked can pay off in dividends.

5. Better Customer Satisfaction

The sales representatives of a reputable outsourced call center are trained professionals at what they do. They have experience picking up the phone and working with a frustrated or unruly customer. It is their specialization to ensure that the customer is informed and comfortable so that any rough edges are smoothed over, allowing a much easier sales process for your sales team.

If you feel that your team is being swallowed by the workload in front of them, reach out to a call center service provider. Think of them as a hybrid between sales and customer service that will help you close the deals while also making sure that the customer isn’t left with a bad experience at the end of it.

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