This is why Customer Services Outsourcing is the ultimate solution to achieve higher quality and lower cost


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In uncertain times, agility which is the ability to handle whatever comes next becomes the key. With the past year 2020 and now 2021 being the most volatile periods in recent history, companies are urging to build greater flexibility into their support teams. Among defining trends that focus on customer experience, empathy, digital initiatives and automation, offshore outsourcing is one of the ultimate solutions that can meet the need to balance cost, quality, delivery and flexibility.

First, let’s talk about offshoring and outsourcing, what these terms mean, and how distinct they are from each other. 

Outsourcing is about moving internal operations to a third-party. This can come in the form of selling physical plant to a supplier, to buy back goods or services, or shifting an entire business division to a third-party and again buying the service back. The basic philosophy being: To move transactional activities to the experts in order to give an organization the capacity to focus on its expertise.

Offshoring is primarily a geographic activity, taking advantage of these cost differentials by relocating factories and business processes from costly countries to the cheaper economies in order to sell the goods and services at a hefty discount (and profit). 

Combining offshoring with outsourcing, which means to move production to a third-party that is based in an overseas location is the ultimate means to save a significant amount of money.


Why Outsourcing Customer Services?

To solve a problem, customers want to speak to qualified, real people

No matter which channel the customer chooses. Even if they’d rather talk to that person through a live-chat portal, they still want access to knowledgeable and personable representatives. Distributed customer service (when done right) makes this easier to achieve.

Quick response times and 24/7 support

While not as critical for every business, customers want access to customer service when they need it.

Customers want outcomes tailored to their specific needs.

Customers want to be matched quickly and directly to the person who can help them with their specific problem.

5 Trends that will shape the 2021 Customer Care Landscape 

How this is being done?

Outsourcing and distributed customer service

Depending on the types of service agreements that customer service outsourcing partners have on offer, distributed customer service creates flexibility that allows customer service providers to deliver true on-demand flexibility within the scope of work.

Matching the right agents to the right jobs

Some outsourcing partners take flexibly matching agents with customers very seriously. For example, matching customer demographics, or providing agents with a specific industry knowledge, technical background, or language skills to match specific campaigns.

Creation of a flexible framework matching differing customer priorities.

By looking at your specific customers, it’s possible to hone in on a more specific set of requirements. Although this can be implemented in several ways, by finding the right outsourced customer service partners this can be delivered within a truly flexible framework.

This is why Outsourcing Customer Services is the ultimate solution to achieve higher quality and lower cost
This is why Outsourcing Customer Services is the ultimate solution to achieve higher quality and lower cost

At Innovature, the first and most important step of outsourcing is talent solution. We need to understand client’s requirement and their expectation, and from then, we need to come up with the best manpower timeline and the service-level agreements (SLAs) of implementation to be developed.

After that is the transitional phase in which the client will migrate duties and responsibilities to the BPO service provider. Transitions go smoother when two parties are deeply involved. This means we and our client will need to communicate clearly more than ever and necessary access to IT systems must be granted at this time. After the transition and practicing phase for about 2-3 months, we are actively working with our client’s internal or external customers and this time we called “the ball gets rolling”.

In Customer Service field, our team is comprised of the most experienced call center representatives from Vietnam, Korea and the Philippines. We offer our clients top quality call center services at affordable rates, giving them a faster return on investment (ROI).

Our Call Center Outsourcing Services include Inbound/Outbound Call Support, Chat and Web Support, Over Phone Interpretation (OPI), and Social Media Admin support.