The core standard for Innovature is to not only provide a career development, but to fuel a healthy and friendly working atmosphere. That is the reason why we always design employee activities that promote the spirit of team work.

Our key activities are:

Team sharings: 

At Innovature, employees are encouraged to express themselves and raise their voice from time to time in the weekly team and quarterly sharing. Our goal is to ensure everyone can receive the supports on time from Team leads and to help everyone keep track on the same page with company direction.

Team bonding program:

As a diverse group of young employees, we create a work hard – play hard atmosphere as well.

Innovature employees can always find an energetic volunteer work, having fun at the creative painting workshops, or take an adventure to amazing places during our annual Company trips. With us, there are just endless reason to have fun at work. Let’s have a look at some of our best moments together!