Our Leardership Team

We have a strong leadership team who are experts in each field, we advocate for a consulting approach to provide thought-out and customized solutions for our clients.

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Thuy Doan

Founder & CEO

Thuy has almost 20 years of Accounting and Finance experience in both Vietnam and the US.
In 2015, she founded Innovature Inc, a remote workforce solution for North American and Australian markets.


Ella Nguyen

Co-founder & CGO

Ella, with 15 years of experience in marketing, communication, and business strategy, co-founded Innovature since 2015, leading its sales, and marketing strategy for expansion into the US market. 

Quang Doan

Quang Doan

Director of Client Services

Quang Doan has 15 years of expertise in business intelligence, analytics, and finance. As the Director of Client Services at Innovature BPO, he leads the service delivery team, managing solutions design, implementation, deployment, and client communication.

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Nam Nguyen

Business Solutions Operations Manager

Nam Nguyen has almost 10 years of experience in operations and finance. He ensures optimal solutions for his team, maintaining high service quality and customer satisfaction, especially in finance and accounting-related services.

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Lucia Le

Human Resources Manager

Lucia Le has almost 10 years of human resources experience. With years of excelling and identifying top talents, Lucia understands the significance of talent development, helping Innovature BPO build a high-quality workforce.

Sebastien Thillaye

Sebastien Thillaye

Director of Growth

Sebastien is an accomplished Business Director with 15+ years of experience in the Financial, Digital, and IT sectors in Europe and Asia. He is known for strong leadership and organizational abilities, with expertise in Back and Front office management, covering all aspects of business operations.

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