Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2024

Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2024

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As the world of Business Intelligence continues to evolve, companies need to stay on top of the latest BI tools and software advancements. Whether you’re a small startup or a large company, there are countless benefits to leveraging powerful analytics platforms and applications. In this article, we will explore the best BI tools and software currently available in 2024, and you will have enough information to decide which BI tool is right for your organization. Let’s dive right in!

What are BI Tools?

BI tools offer businesses a powerful way to unlock the potential of their data. By gathering, processing, and analyzing past, current and future information, they can easily create interactive reports that provide valuable insights, enabling informed decisions to be made quickly.

BI platforms offer organizations invaluable insights with a suite of cutting-edge data capabilities, from visual analytics and KPI scorecards to interactive dashboarding. They revolutionize analysis by providing automated reporting and predictive analytics solutions for streamlined decision-making.

The Benefits of BI Tools

Professional BI tools offer a suite of invaluable benefits to organizations. Here, we will examine the most prominent among them.

They bring together all relevant data

With the sheer number of data sources and varying information in today’s industries, gaining insight into all details can be difficult. Modern data connectors effectively allow companies to centrally access their disparate resources and provide unified insight regarding business processes.

This enables businesses to identify issues quickly and spot trends from comprehensive analysis, enabling informed decisions based on up-to-date data intelligence available at their fingertips.

True self-service analytics approaches unlock data access

By providing employees with modern BI software, companies can unlock their data and make meaningful insights for themselves. This self-service BI approach helps organizations obtain a competitive edge by giving each worker the skills to analyze information promptly without overburdening IT departments – saving valuable time and resources that can be allocated elsewhere.

Users can take advantage of predictions

Predictive analytics offers a suite of technological solutions that make it easy for business users to gain valuable insights into potential future scenarios – quickly and with minimal expertise. Additionally, AI-driven data alerts are there to instantly detect any anomalies or changes in the market conditions, saving time from manual work and uncovering new trends and patterns that aid businesses in making swift decisions for quicker results.

They eliminate manual tasks

Thanks to modern BI software, outdated manual processes can be a thing of the past. Automation capabilities mean your KPI dashboard is updated with real-time data in no time, and reporting intervals are set on autopilot – freeing up valuable resources. Creating presentations has never been easier: drag & drop values into an interactive dashboard that allows you to experience direct interaction with all relevant information on one screen.

They reduce business costs

By leveraging the power of BI tools, companies can maximize process efficiency and reduce costs. In a survey conducted by BI Survey, over half of the users reported that utilizing cutting-edge analytics has enabled them to make quicker decisions with greater accuracy – resulting in increased revenue opportunities and strategic cost savings.

They’re constantly at your service, 24/7/365

With Software-as-a-Service, you can access powerful BI tools experience anytime and anywhere. Whether it be for managers, data scientists, analysts, or consultants, scalability is critical to meeting the needs of any organization. By having your data securely stored on cloud systems with just an internet connection—you can explore self-service features in greater detail across all smart devices without interruption.

They provide a competitive advantage

With the overwhelming influx of data, businesses use BI tools to help them gain a competitive edge. These robust systems offer the knowledge and capabilities needed for efficient data management that can lead to higher productivity and increased growth opportunities. Through informed strategies empowered by BI software, organizations in any sector are set up for success with access to invaluable insights into their operations.

20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms

BI solutions are essential for making informed decisions. They provide an effortless way to stay on top of data and understand what is happening within your organization, whether a large enterprise or small business. Our list of BI tools will help streamline the process by providing intuitive, secure methods that heighten productivity to unlock greater profits.


Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2023

datapine is a comprehensive BI software that combines data from multiple sources and optimizes it with advanced analytics tools, including predictive analysis and AI-powered insights. This industry-leading platform enables businesses of all sizes to craft powerful business dashboards while generating custom or standard reports.

Receiving outstanding ratings on Capterra (4.8 stars) and G2Crowd (4.6), this multi-function tool can be tailored for versatile industries, functions, and platforms regardless of size – providing indispensable solutions for organizations looking for optimum performance in their operations.

This software offers a unique blend of features that appeal to seasoned data experts and novice users. Analysts can take advantage of the SQL mode for crafting queries. At the same time, business professionals have access to an easy-to-use drag & drop interface with powerful visual analytics capabilities, allowing them to create impressive charts and dashboards quickly.

Sas Business Intelligence

SAS Business Intelligence has been at the forefront of extensive data analysis since its inception in the 70s. With innovative products and technologies specially tailored to meet a range of advanced analytics needs, such as text analysts, econometricians & forecasting experts, it’s no wonder this software solution enjoys an impressive ranking on Capterra (4.3) and G2Crowd (4.2). For decades now, users have trusted SAS Business Information for their BI solutions – underscoring its reliability through time-tested excellence.

SAS provides various BI products and technologies that enable companies to visualize, explore and analyze data quickly. Their text analytics capabilities also aid in gaining critical insights from textual sources like social media, while location analytics combines different datasets into a geographical context. Additionally, machine learning is applied across visual explorations for automated analysis when answering critical business questions such as “Where do my customers come from?”

SAS transforms dynamic visuals into interactive reports and dashboards, which can be accessed on any device, including Android or iOS. You can further maximize the value of your data with the Office Analytics solution that seamlessly integrates SAS’ powerful analytics capabilities to applications you are already familiar with, like PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, or Excel.

Infor Birst

Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2023

Infor Birst is an industry-leading cloud analytics platform helping businesses easily understand and improve their complex analysis processes. With a robust data warehouse and automated learning technology for customized visualization and reporting options, it’s no surprise that users have given the BI software high ratings on Capterra (4.1 stars) & G2Crowd (3.9 stars).

Acquired by a global leader in enterprise applications –Infor– back in 2017; today, customers of this advanced end-to-end solution benefit from improved visibility into critical insights to confidently accelerate business decisions.

Birst’s native cloud BI platform is an excellent choice for modern organizations – its advanced data architecture provides the necessary flexibility, security, and scalability to support ever-changing business conditions. Additionally, this solution offers an interconnected analytics system with Cross-device access that ensures users have seamless experiences regardless of device or connection type.

SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects offers the ultimate BI with a sophisticated platform for comprehensive reporting and data visualization. It provides Office integrations to Excel and PowerPoint, allowing users to create dynamic presentations and hybrid analytics that combine on-premises systems of SAP plus cloud solutions.

This industry giant has been delivering optimal performance since 1972 when it opened its doors – no surprise given its 4.3-star rating from Capterra reviewers and impressive 3.8 stars averaging over 200 reviews on G2Crowd.

With 170 million end users worldwide already leveraging SAP products today, you can experience firsthand why it continues to be one of the largest software suppliers globally.

This BI enterprise reporting system offers powerful analytics tools to craft your company’s strategy. Self-service dashboards and applications let you assess risks while providing a platform for cross-enterprise collaboration with stakeholders.

Seamless integration of SAP with powerful tools like Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint makes extensive data sets much more manageable. Find the answers you need in real-time, and quickly filter and manipulate your multidimensional data analysis while connecting to sources such as Business Information Warehouse or HANA.


Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2023

Pentaho is an innovative end-to-end data integration and analytics platform from Hitachi Vantara, providing businesses with comprehensive BI capabilities such as OLAP services, reporting, dashboarding, and more.

With its open-source plugins offering the flexibility to run on cloud or local servers – with either basic community edition features or enterprise edition subscription – customers are well equipped to manage large volumes of data for making informed decisions & driving positive business results.

Rated 4+ stars by users at Capterra & G2 Crowds, respectively, it’s safe to say that Pentaho has cemented itself in BI Tools ranking.

Cloud data integration empowers businesses to quickly transform and move their data in and out of big data environments. Their ETL engine supports over 30 different open-source & proprietary database platforms for maximum flexibility.

With machine learning algorithms featured in the Weka project, you can unlock valuable information & insights through clustering, decision tree modeling, or utilizing neural networks.

Additionally, Pentaho Report Designer allows users to query multiple sources such as SQL databases or MXDs while generating scheduled/on-demand reports that can be formatted into XLSXs; PDFs; TXT documents; and HTML pages – so your key results are always easily accessible.


Domo offers an industry-leading BI tool that enables users to unlock valuable insights from their data. Boasting a 4.2 rating on Capterra and a stellar 4.4 score in G2Crowd, the company has quickly established itself as one of the most sought-after solutions for discovering new opportunities across all types of enterprises since its founding in 2011.

With comprehensive features such as powerful connections between multiple systems, AI/ML capabilities, and access to pre-built apps through the App Store and options like R or Python scripting.

With Domo, data integration is a total convenience. Their Magical ETL feature allows users to easily prepare their data with a simple drag-and-drop – no SQL expertise required.

Complementing this incredible functionality are their many pre-built cloud connectors granting access to over 1000 sources, proprietary systems, and federated connections for querying hosted databases.

Domo provides a comprehensive data visualization platform that allows users to go from raw figures to charts, maps, and other attractive visualizations with just a button. Additionally, Mr. Roboto – AI engine – enables predictive analysis through advanced technologies such as machine learning or natural language processing for further insights on KPIs tracking changes over time.

Oracle Business Intelligence

Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2023

Oracle Business Intelligence is the ultimate technology for businesses looking to optimize performance and empower fast decision-making. With an impressive 4.1 rating on Capterra and 4.0 in G2Crowd, it provides a wide range of features from machine learning to querying, reporting, and mobile analytics–all integrated under one solution built upon decades’ worth of experience since its 1977 launch.

By leveraging cutting-edge data management capabilities including artificial intelligence, Oracle BI helps make sense of your business’s information landscape so you can confidently stay agile.

Oracle BI Server is a comprehensive solution to your distributed data needs. Its flexible architecture provides all-encompassing access across enterprises, while available features like dashboards, OLAP analysis, and more give you 360-degree visibility of critical business processes.

From quick queries with no learning curve through advanced analytics, the intuitive interface in Oracle BI Answers makes it easy for users to gain meaningful insights into their data faster than ever before.

With Oracle BI Dashboards, users can quickly access live information in interactive reports, tables, and visuals. Meanwhile, personalized alarms provide activity monitoring that reaches staff through convenient channels like dashboards or smartphones – ensuring a productive workflow between colleagues.

Style Intelligence

For businesses seeking a web-based BI platform, Style Intelligence by InetSoft provides a secure environment with multiple self-service analytics capabilities such as dashboards, visual analytics, and reporting needs.

It accommodates users of varying technical expertise thanks to its intuitive design that doesn’t require further warehouse investment. Plus, it’s fully scalable and easy to deploy for enterprises and solution providers – no wonder the tool is rated 4.5 stars on Capterra and G2Crowd.

With the power of data mashups, users can uncover exciting patterns and relationships from various sources. The software enables access to multiple platforms, including spreadsheets, databases & large storage systems – plus, you can generate custom connectors for any source unavailable! Moreover, visuals are presented in stylish dashboards alongside web-based mobile optimization.

With pixel-perfect reporting, organizations can create one-of-a-kind documents that blend multiple data sets into tailor-made reports. Whether for online or offline distribution, these unique mashups have customizable elements tailored to users’ exact specifications while keeping secure within their role parameters.

Self-service analytics do not require in-depth coding knowledge from users and allow them to easily access essential KPIs and intuitively update charts on the fly – allowing businesses easy control over complex analysis tasks without hassle.

Zoho Analytics

Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2023

With more than 10,000 customers worldwide and a strong 4.2-4.3 stars rating on respected review sites such as Capterra and G2Crowd, respectively, Zoho Analytics is undoubtedly an option that should be considered when it comes to BI tools – offering robust integrations with over 500 popular applications used in businesses today.

With Zoho Analytics, you can effortlessly capture data from multiple sources and produce engaging visuals with their intuitive drag-and-drop designer. Additionally, the DataPrep app allows users to streamline the analysis process by cleaning, transforming, and enriching datasets for optimal utilization.

Zoho’s AI-driven service, Zia, makes it easy to get the answers you need in natural language. By leveraging NLP and machine learning technologies, users can quickly perform data searches for better insights into their business operations. Enabling real-time commenting within shared views of reports with elements such as tables or KPI widgets – plus attachments like screenshots that help facilitate more comprehensive conversations between colleagues.

Dundas BI

Since 1992, the acclaimed BI platform Dundas BI has been integral to many organizations. After being acquired by Insight Software in August 2022, its comprehensive capabilities have become even more powerful, including a strong ETL engine and pixel-perfect reporting emphasizing embedding analytics. It’s no wonder that loyal users rate it so highly – Capterra reviews give 4.5 stars, while G2Crowd ranks it at 4.4.

Dundas BI combines advanced analytics with customizable data views to create an innovative, embedded platform. With powerful drag-and-drop capabilities and a responsive design, users can quickly build dashboards tailored to their needs.

Built-in white labeling features offer the added advantage of transforming these visualizations into lookalikes that blend perfectly with your application’s interface. Thanks to its programmable architecture, which supports CSS styling and scripting for regular and advanced end-users alike, achieving seamless integration is also effortlessly possible via API access.


Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2023

GoodData is an advanced yet user-friendly business analytics software that equips businesses with the tools and insights needed to excel. With GoodData, you can quickly embed their solutions into your website, desktop, or mobile application – no expertise necessary.

This modern solution has seen great success since its inception in 2007; it boasts a stable 4.3-star rating on Capterra & G2Crowd reviews as a testament to how well it empowers users of every level.

Embedded analytics from this platform allows customization and scale reports for each customer, allowing them to publish their visuals using custom data models, logos, colors, or fonts. Its modular data pipeline enables fast integration with on-premise/cloud warehouses, plus tools such as SQL, Python, R, or Ruby for powerful yet flexible processing of structured or unstructured datasets.

GoodData provides advanced analytics through its custom machine learning and AI capabilities. Natural language querying opens new doors for automated insight generation, while four global data centers enable customers to transfer existing projects at any time quickly.

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics offers the perfect combination of AI and geospatial capabilities to empower users with exceptional BI insights. With plain English-speaking ability, creating dashboards and reports is a breeze.

Having earned an outstanding 4.1-star review on Capterra and a 3.9 rating from G2Crowd, this analytics solution by one of the software industry’s leaders delivers robust performance that businesses across industries can rely on for their daily operations.

Cognos Analytics introduces a powerful search mechanism to help users quickly locate relevant content. Additionally, data from numerous sources can be joined into one easy-to-understand module without overburdening IT departments.

Furthermore, interactive visualizations are supported by embedded geospatial mapping and advanced analytics, which generate attractive, dynamic dashboards with drag & drop gestures – all made even better thanks to their AI assistant, who responds directly in natural language.


Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2023

Metabase is a powerful, secure BI tool that lets you quickly glean insights from multiple data sources. Its intuitive interface accelerates decision-making with visually stunning graphs and dashboards – no technical expertise is required! Offering free, open-source options and paid enterprise versions, users rate the software highly on leading review sites like Capterra (4.5 stars) and G2Crowd (4.4 stars).

Metabase empowers users to explore and analyze their data with ease. Through its full editor, allowing for advanced query building without the need to write SQL code, as well as over 15+ built-in visualizations – creating powerful dashboards is a simple process.

Sharing your discoveries is just as easy; through emails or Slack integrations, you can share analysis insights with team members quickly and efficiently embed them into presentations or web pages if needed.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is leading the way in data analytics, offering an innovative platform for rapid development and guided cloud solutions. With augmented analytical capabilities ranging from visualizations to natural language processing, users of all skill levels can easily leverage this reliable tool to make informed decisions – as evidenced by its stellar 4.4/5 rating on Capterra and 4.5 stars on G2Crowd.

This top-rated BI tool caters perfectly to those harnessing their data insights and seeking a more robust analysis experience.

With these BI tools, you can quickly uncover critical relationships between various data sets. By adding a visual component to your exploration process, the software helps bring insights hiding in large datasets into focus and make sound business decisions with speed and accuracy. The intuitive interface makes it easy for users of any technical level to explore their data – all within an interactive environment perfect for self-service analytics.

Qlik Sense provides an innovative way to access your data quickly and efficiently. With the Insight Advisor Chat, users can ask questions in natural language; NLP will interpret intent and deliver visual analyses on demand. On top of that, cloud hub App sharing enables secure collaboration by providing task-specific dashboards for intuitive interpretation and efficiently unlocking powerful insights.


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Board is a long-standing Swiss BI tool that offers an intuitive solution to build interactive dashboards and robust analyses. Founded in 1994, this versatile platform allows for effective decision-making and facilitates quality performance tracking across the enterprise with unparalleled data governance.

Rated highly on Capterra (4.5 stars) and G2Crowd (4.4 stars), it’s no wonder why Board continues its strong reputation as one of today’s leading BI tools.

HBMP’s board platform provides unprecedented performance and full read/write capabilities, enabling users to visualize, simulate and plan data faster. Generating calculated metrics such as Excel formulas for analysis or reports is easy.

Plus, the tool features time-based functions that allow you to perform cross-analysis or historical analysis on dashboards efficiently. Additionally, its what-if & what-for scenario simulations enable businesses to accurately compare outcomes to make intelligent strategic plans.

With Board’s integrated workflow management, conditional alerting and mailing become risk-free. Plus, the reverse algorithm ensures your figures are accurate – if one value is changed, all resultant changes will be immediately reflected throughout the calculation.


Take data usage to the next level with Draxlr. This powerful yet affordable BI platform is designed for all professionals, boasting a simple and accessible interface that’s user-friendly for both IT staff and non-IT employees. Get insights from your data in one place; monitor changes, create visualizations, and share analysis—all possible with this unique BI tool.

Draxlr augments data understanding by providing an intuitive interface to visualize complex datasets. With organized and insightful dashboards, you can drill down into details confidently—whether for a single project or across multiple departments.

Draxlr is a powerful BI software that enables users to query complex data using its five practical analysis tools. Quickly filter, combine, sort, and summarize or group your existing PostgreSQL and MySQL databases – even when hosted on the Heroku platform.


Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2023

PopSQL empowers core analysts and technology professionals to run sophisticated SQL queries, visualize the results engagingly, and share their work with others. With its user-friendly folder organization feature, you can easily reference previously saved queries, while tools like code highlighting make it easier than ever before to catch syntax errors immediately.

PopSQL is the go-to for professionals, both coders and non-coders alike. Aspiring gurus can learn vital information on PostgreSQL, Redshift, MySQL SQL Server BigQuery & Snowflake – enabling them to take their skills further than ever before.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is the go-to free BI web application for professionals – offering powerful features typically found in premium paid services, such as Looker and Google Analytics.

Google Data Studio offers an efficient, all-inclusive solution for BI tasks. It includes two main parts: Reports and Explorer, with both tools enabling data exploration to discover meaningful insights quickly and easily.

With a vast range of options for visualizing your data through tables, graphs, charts, or maps – plus the ability to download PDF reports and share them as you would in Google Docs or Sheets – it truly is one powerful platform.

Moreover, its compatibility across multiple data sources, such as BigQuery & SQL databases, makes this tool incredibly versatile.

Power BI Desktop

Top 20 BI Tools, Software and Platforms in 2023

With Power BI Desktop, many options exist for visualizing data – from maps and gauges to charts and graphs. However, its on-premise capabilities restrict users from unlocking features such as collaboration tools, embedding functionality, or access through APIs found in cloud business intelligence applications.

Harness the power of Microsoft Power BI Desktop to analyze your data quickly and accurately with its advanced query editor and robust 200-function Data Analysis Expressions library. However, without cloud computing services at hand, scaling up can be a challenge – so best to find an alternative before you reach critical mass.

Tableau Public

By using Tableau Public‘s web and desktop software suite, you can unlock your data’s power to create stunning visualizations. With robust calculation capabilities, automatic statistical summaries, and built-in data cleaning tools all at your fingertips, Tableau Public offers an immersive experience for quickly exploring insights from any dataset.

Tableau Public is a powerful tool for creating visualizations, but users should be aware of potential drawbacks. Publishing any data and visuals produced in the platform will put them out into public view; plus, you can only store up to 10 GB of information with no ability to automatically refresh or collaborate outside its program boundaries since it’s limited solely to Excel spreadsheets and text files.

In conclusion, the right BI tools, software, and platforms can significantly affect any organization’s ability to analyze and act upon its data. The top 20 BI tools, software, and media of 2023 provide businesses with many options that could fit their individual needs. Choosing one or several that best suit the business’s requirements is vital to creating an effective BI solution.

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