Vietnam: The Emerging BPO destination

Explore the untapped potential of Vietnam as a BPO destination, offering competitive labor costs, a highly skilled workforce, and a favorable business environment. Join the wave of successful businesses leveraging Vietnam’s rise in the BPO sector. 

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Top 5 Outsourcing Locations in the World

Vietnam was ranked at Top 5 outsourcing locations in the world, according to A.T. Kearney Report 2019.
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Attractive Labor Costs

Vietnam offers cost-effective outsourcing services without compromising quality. Start from $25 per hour, it offers substantial savings compared to India and China.

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Wide Pool Of Educated Talents

As a result of the government’s focus and investment in STEAM, Vietnam has cultivated a diverse pool of highly skilled professionals with global business mindset.

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Fluent English Speakers

English is Vietnam’s most popular foreign language. Today, it ranks 7th in the Asian English Proficiency Index among 24 nations.

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Social-Economical-Political Stability

Vietnam shines as a stable standout compared to neighboring countries like India, Thailand, Myanmar, and the Philippines, which face political and social challenges.

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Dynamic Business Environment

Despite the global COVID crisis, Vietnam gained over 3% GDP in 2020 – 2021. Expectations of further expansion near 6-6.5% in 2023 and beyond.

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Prime Location In Southest Asia

Strategically nested at the core of Southeast Asia, Vietnam serves as an invaluable bridge between ASEAN and China in this exciting era of economic dynamism.

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24/7 Operation

Our headquarters in Hochiminh City- a city that never sleeps, ensures 24/7 service availability with an abundance of dedicated staff ready to work day and night shifts.

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World-Class Services

Vietnam’s service-oriented culture fosters exceptionally polite employees who provide world-class services across a wide range of industries.

Our BPO Services

Partnering with clients in multiple industries, such as IT Staffing, Software, Car/ Life Insurance, Animal Hospital, our team experienced in functions of various areas. We are committed to doing what we do best, which is helping our clients save money and achieve greater efficiency.

Accounting and Finance

We are handling important, frequent, but time-consuming tasks such as timesheets, payroll, payment collection, or bookkeeping so that our clients can entirely focus on their essential businesses.

BI Service

Business Intellience and Analytical Services

We provide the Business Intelligence that is essential for data-driven corporate to succeed. Our service is giving companies the tools they need to remain competitive and inform decisions with meaningful insights.

Customer Services

Customer Services

We effectively assist the customers in need by addressing their issues and quickly and efficiently handling them. We help our clients meet customers’ high expectations and successfully expand their global footprints.

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