Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services for Strategic Transformation

We offer cost-effective, transparent, but secured BPO services that help you focus on critical core business without being held back by time-consuming and easy-to-err work cycles.

Our BPO Services

Partnering with clients in multiple industries, such as IT Staffing, Software, Car/ Life Insurance, Animal Hospital, our team experienced in functions of various areas. We are committed to doing what we do best, which is helping our clients save money and achieve greater efficiency.

Accounting and Finance

We are handling important, frequent, but time-consuming tasks such as timesheets, payroll, payment collection, or bookkeeping so that our clients can entirely focus on their essential businesses.

BI Service

Business Intellience and Analytical Services

We provide the Business Intelligence that is essential for data-driven corporate to succeed. Our service is giving companies the tools they need to remain competitive and inform decisions with meaningful insights.

Customer Services

Customer Services

We effectively assist the customers in need by addressing their issues and quickly and efficiently handling them. We help our clients meet customers’ high expectations and successfully expand their global footprints.

How our Business Process Solutions help?



Need an urgent backfill within a week
Innovature BPO can provide you a backfill resource in 48 hours
Higher recruitment cost and extra time for recruitment

Save up to 70% of overhead costs without maintaining internal resource

 Spending extra time to receive transition

 Innovature BPO resource will start receiving the transition tasks

Spending extra time interviewing candidates
The resource will be under a Labor contract with Innovature BPO and complied with Vietnam Labor Code
The onboarding/ training process for new hires takes days
Innovature BPO will handle the onboarding process

Our Service Quality

We create the right service models to design partnering success with clients.

Our service models make the handling of your outsourced business processes simpler and cost-effective, when at the same time, increasing your efficiency, scalability and security.

Service quality are controlled by our strict talent recruitment process as well as well-prepared Service Level Agreement (SLA), scorecards for operation metrics and backup solutions.


Talent Demographics

We provide broad range of experienced talents from entry to senior level with different education backgrounds and certifications to meet job requirements and qualifications. 

Standard Qualifications of Our Talent Pool

Standard Qualifications

Current Talent Allocation

Current Staff Allocation

Talent Levels

Staff Levels

Recruitment Infrastructure



 Our talent database comes from diverse sources in both Viet Nam and the Philippines. We look for the right candidate based on talent qualifications, in terms of major, experience, interpersonal skills, etc.


Customized Tests

 We conduct tests such as Excel, SQL, Tableau, translation, and writing for various positions and levels


Reference Check

 This is necessary to verify a candidate’s profile by checking the criminal record, employment history, education, etc.



We organize training for all new hires in terms of procedure, background, and system of the clients. For us, training is also the commitment of the recruiter to provide promising talents.

Business Continuity Plan

Innovature BPO prepares for potential disasters by implementing a business continuity plan to minimize the damage to our clients.

Business Continuity

IT Safeguards and Policy

IT Safeguards & policy

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

As part of our continuous efforts to provide our clients with the highest standard of Information
Security, we ensure international protection
standards in our Intellectual Accounting property, Financial database, Call Center contact list, and sensitive electronic data.

We implement an IT security policy to ensure work continuity and emergency response.

Biometrics and CCTV system are installed in the office under the security standard.

Service Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control Practice

We know clients come from different industries. One of the first things we provide is the commitment to execute the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and create a scorecard for operation metrics.

KPI Control & Back Up Solutions

Maintaining excellent performance delivery is a part of our job to fulfill the needs and expectations of our clients.