Here it comes top Language Solutions Statistics you can’t ignore

Here it comes top multilingual solutions statistics you can’t ignore

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If you’re a stakeholder who needs convincing on the vital role language barriers play in destroying business, the top Language Solutions statistics below are for you. They will help you realize how critical it is to invest in the best multilingual solutions.

Top Language Solutions statistics for Businesses

Don’t ignore the numbers below, cause they can bring a significant impact on your business.

If you don’t provide language options, you may lose customers

  • Customer experience affects 64% of consumers who become “serial switchers.”
  • 40% of customers would never buy from websites that aren’t in their native language.
  • Poor Customer Service costs businesses over $75 billion each year.

Here it comes top multilingual solutions statistics you can’t ignore

You lose out on growth possibilities by not supporting multiple languages

  • According to a recent survey, 64% of CEOs said international business deals were put on hold due to misunderstandings.
  • Language and cultural barriers cost more than $2 billion each year.
  • 88% of 828 customers are more inclined to do business with a firm that understands their needs and goals.
  • Customer loyalty can be maintained through multilingual support
  • Most customers—or 74%—are likely to be repeat buyers of companies that provide multilingual after-sales assistance.
  • Customers are 89% more likely to buy again when they have a good experience with Customer Service.
  • According to 71.5% of Customer Service managers, Language Solutions support improves customer satisfaction.

Here it comes top multilingual solutions statistics you can’t ignore

English is not enough

  • Only about 25% of the world’s internet users speak English.
  • You may reach 75% of internet users through multilingual Customer Service.
  • Channel where you can provide Language solutions

Ecommerce Websites

  • 76% of online consumers want to purchase products that contain information in their native language.
  • Even if the content is of low quality, 65% of internet users want it to be in their own language.
  • 60% of online customers buy only from websites in their language.

B2B Websites

  • Most B2B firms (68%) utilize strategic website landing pages to gather leads.
  • Blogs generate more than 67% of the monthly leads.
  • Traditional marketing produces three times fewer leads than content marketing.

Multilingual Chat Support

  • Regarding customer service, 52% of customers are more likely to stick with a company that provides live chat assistance.
  • Most firms (79%) indicate that providing live chat positively impacts sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.
  • 63% of internet customers who spend up to $500 each month will likely remain loyal to brands that provide live chat assistance.

Here it comes top multilingual solutions statistics you can’t ignore

Multilingual Email Support

  • Despite the fact that customer support emails have a negative reputation, they are still the most popular digital customer support channel, with 54% usage.
  • On a daily basis, 98% of consumers utilize email for customer support.
  • Email is the most popular contact channel for 95% of customer support workers.

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The data has spoken. Customers want you to communicate in their language. Take advantage of the chance to expand your business by offering Language Solutions services.

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