Top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses

Top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses

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Are you a small business owner looking for a Payroll Service that fits your unique financial needs? With so many services available, narrowing down your options can take a lot of work. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses.

Whether you run a sole proprietorship or a mid-sized corporation, these services will help you effectively manage your employees’ salaries and taxes. Read on to learn which one is right for you.

10 best Payroll Services for small business


Top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses

OnPay streamlines payroll for small businesses and startups by providing a straightforward solution. Streamline your operations with the ability to pay employees via direct deposit or paper check while also enjoying unlimited runs of payroll-perfect for frequent contractors or weekly paid staff.

OnPay simplifies and streamlines the payroll process for businesses so that you can easily add employees, stay on top of statuses, run payrolls with ease and manage Paid Time Off (PTO). Plus, its advanced tax system ensures compliance regarding deductions or filings. The company will cover the cost of any fines due to errors in your filings or payments.

OnPay simplifies HR tools for businesses of all sizes with one comprehensive package. For just $40/month plus an additional $6 per employee, you can keep track of virtually everything; freelancers included.


Top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses

Gusto is the perfect solution for businesses to manage payroll and tax obligations efficiently. With cloud-based software, direct deposit capability, new hire reporting services, and comprehensive reports, take control of your employee needs with a straightforward, user-friendly tool.

Invest in a higher-priced plan to access exclusive HR features, such as certified guidance from experienced HR professionals. Stay current with the latest regulations and ensure your business remains compliant every step of the way.

Gusto offers an array of plans tailored to businesses ranging from small to large. From the Simple program starting at $40 per month and just $6 for each additional employee, you can scale up your service with optional add-ons – all enabling growth in line with your business’s needs.

Gusto brings critical stability and security to any business’ employee management practices, no matter where its staff may be located. With tax registration in all 50 states and contractor payments available across over 80 countries worldwide, businesses can confidently onboard new hires – local or remote.

With its payroll and benefits administration, Gusto is the number-one choice for businesses nationwide. Boasting offices in some of America’s biggest cities, San Francisco, New York City, and Denver, their impressive list of backers make them doubly attractive to potential customers – celebrity investors Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher, and Alexis Ohanian have all been involved.


In the Best Payroll Software of 2023, ADP offers an attractive range of plans to suit small and large businesses. Their newest product, starts at just $29 per month plus $5 for each employee – a competitive rate for tax filing services included with the plan. For those looking for more comprehensive support, larger business payroll packages from ADP include recruiting resources, HR assistance, and onboarding help, among other features.

If you’re looking for an elevated HR, onboarding, recruiting, and analytics experience backed by tools unmatched by rivals – ADP may be the perfect fit. Investing in these products can provide unbeatable results to serve your business needs better.


Top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses

Paychex is an innovative human-capital services company revolutionizing how small and medium organizations manage payroll, employee benefits, insurance, and other HR functions. With over a hundred offices in the United States and Europe and nearly half a million clients served daily, this Rochester, NY-based powerhouse continues to rack up industry awards for its ethical practices, work environment innovation, service excellence, and cloud capabilities.

Paychex offers personalized Payroll Services tailored to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a self-employed individual or the head of an organization with over 1,000 employees, the three tiers are designed to provide comprehensive and cost-efficient solutions for your needs – starting at $59/month plus $4 per employee.

Paychex brings you up to date with the latest information in payroll, taxes, and Human Resources practice through their free podcasts and articles. They also offer e-learning modules for businesses using either Flex Select or Flex Enterprise, allowing them to stay informed on best industry practices without leaving the office.


Top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses

Justworks enables remote teams to remain connected and productive through a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) relationship. Delivering everything from HR management to payroll processing, Justworks provides an all-inclusive co-employment solution that ensures the continued success of your team members.

Justworks provides a comprehensive HR and payroll solution that simplifies employee management. It offers off-cycle payments, tax filings, automated deposits, contractor payments, and timesheet sync capabilities with external software systems such as Xero and QuickBooks.

Moreover, users have access to robust document storage & organization features, plus hiring/onboarding tools which include reporting options; all of this is connected via 24/7 customer support for an unparalleled experience in managing personnel matters efficiently.

Get the best bang for your buck with Justworks’ pricing, starting at just $49 per employee each month to small power businesses of 25 employees or less.

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Top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses

By partnering with TriNet, a renowned PEO for HR Outsourcing Services, your business can enjoy the significant benefits of ‘co-employment’. Not only is it an ideal solution to ensure you comply with current laws and regulations, but it also ensures that all the related duties, such as payroll management and legal liabilities, become part of TriNet’s remit – minimizing operational burdens on your company.

TriNet offers a range of features to help employers save time and prevent costly errors. Their state-of-the-art record-keeping system, customizable activity dashboard, and tax filing capability give organizations the flexibility they need for efficient workflows that comply with multiple regulations.

The software works with popular apps so businesses can maximize their productivity in all states – plus, former employees gain access to essential documents through lifetime accounts!

TriNet helps you manage your workforce with comprehensive plans starting at just $10.00 per employee a month, lowering to an economical rate of only $8.00 when billed annually! For those looking for payroll solutions, add-ons are available to meet all your HR needs – for just six bucks extra each month per employee.


Top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses

Paycor’s online payroll software equips employees with the convenience and efficiency of previewing their pay, benefits, time off requests & more – all in one place. Our comprehensive employee self-service portal gives them access to essential compensation data and can update personal or financial information quickly and securely.

Paycor has four plans, each with a flat monthly base rate and per-employee fee. Here is an overview of each of the packages.

  • The Basic plan is an affordable and comprehensive way to tackle payroll processing. Priced at $99 per month with only a small additional cost of $5/employee, it covers all the essentials, such as tax filing, PDF reports, and access to our mobile app for convenient employee self-service options related to wage garnishment or child support information.
  • The essential plan provides much-needed support for businesses of any size, helping streamline employee onboarding and efficiently manage time off requests. For just $149 per month plus an additional $7 per person every month, you’ll also receive access to powerful compliance checklists and templates and automated tax filing capabilities.
  • The core plan is just $199 monthly, plus an additional $8 for each employee. You’ll have access to various HR and career management services.
  • The Complete plan offers advanced analytics, data benchmarking, and integrations with leading 401(k) providers for just $199 each month – plus an additional fee of only $14 per employee monthly. Plus, you’ll receive dedicated account manager support throughout the entire process.


Deluxe simplifies the payroll process into three straightforward steps. Managing pay for even partial hours is easy, and there are options to authorize paper checks or direct deposits – making paying employees on time, accurate and effortless.

With Deluxe, you can revolutionize your business operations. The seamless integration process with dozens of third-party software providers allows for effortless data migration between accounting systems and POS tools. Connecting the various techniques to manage your organization will maximize efficiency through easy data sharing and more competent organizational management.

As a Deluxe customer, you gain access to an exclusive consultant team that offers tailored advice on tax compliance and money-saving opportunities. With two straightforward pricing plans – Payroll + HR Essentials ($45/mo plus $7 per employee) or the Enhanced package ($45/month with added services for only $14 additional cost per staff member).

Deluxe and Microsoft have joined forces, giving business owners the unique advantage of accessing their complete services through Dynamics 365 Business Central. A single platform with all-inclusive features simplifies software needs without compromising on quality or efficiency – plus integrations for QuickBooks, Xero & Sage offer modern digital payroll systems that sync automatically.

Intuit Quickbook

Top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses

With QuickBooks Payroll, small businesses can confidently manage the payroll process – from start to finish. Enjoy unlimited runs, automatic tax forms, and a workforce portal for business owners and employees to access necessary documents easily. Get free direct deposit services plus tailored reports that track payroll progress – all it takes is easy integration with your existing QuickBooks accounting software.

QuickBooks Payroll streamlines payroll for multi-state teams with adjustable pay grades and tax withholding. Plus, it’s available on popular iOS and Android devices — making managing employee salaries easier.

With Intuit QuickBooks Payroll, you get a competitively priced Core Plan and two more robust options. The Elite Plan is an especially great deal – not only does it include all the features needed to optimize your payroll processes, like wage garnishments and health insurance services, and it provides maximum protection in case of unexpected tax penalties by reimbursing customers up to $25,000.


Top 10 best Payroll Services for small businesses

Save time and simplify payroll with SurePayroll, the perfect solution for small businesses on the go. With their mobile app, you can manage everything from your phone or tablet – all while taking advantage of automation features that make running payroll a breeze.

SurePayroll is an ideal payroll solution for a range of small businesses. Get the benefit of competitively priced plans, starting at just $19.99 per month plus $4 per employee, and customize your setup with extra features like time clock integrations by getting a tailored quote to meet your requirements.

You can choose between two reliable packages: Self-Service or Full-Service, where the latter includes state & local tax filing options as standard.

SurePayroll is an excellent solution for companies with up to 100 employees. However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive range of HR tools or your business needs to grow, it may be necessary to look elsewhere. It may also not fit the budget of those requiring premium features and functionalities despite price tags.

SurePayroll offers a competitive base price, but get an individualized quote before signing up – as some integrations and additional features may incur extra fees. Even if that occurs, you might save money compared with other options.

Why small businesses need Payroll Services?

With reliable payroll software, small businesses can enjoy the benefit of reclaiming hours in their day devoted to tedious tax filing and financial management. By automating these processes, companies can focus more energy on developing growth-oriented strategies – up to five hours per pay period.

Business owners looking to reduce payroll errors and maximize their time investments can find solace in the American Payroll Association’s recent findings. It has shown that utilizing a solution with both timekeeping and payroll capabilities brings an impressive 44% decrease in error rates, freeing up valuable hours for company growth.

Streamline your Payroll Process with the modern solution of powerful software. No more manual calculations and tedious paperwork – let automation make it easier for you to file taxes and pay employees on time.

Using an integrated workforce management system that includes attendance tracking, business owners can enjoy quick and reliable results without wasting precious time – all thanks to innovative payroll software.

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Payroll Processing Trends in 2023

As time marches on, so too does the world of payroll. In 2023, businesses must stay abreast of emerging landscape trends to remain competitive and successful.

As businesses enter the digital age, Agile Payroll solutions drive operational efficiency and provide companies with robust tools to integrate systems across their organizations. Software-managed Payroll Services offer numerous advantages in managing employee wages quickly and accurately – saving time, money, and resources for any size organization.

Businesses are transitioning their payroll operations internally, leveraging the power of automation and cloud computing. By outsourcing this function, self-service systems enable them to do more with fewer resources compared to what was previously possible.

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Finding exemplary Payroll Service for your small business can be easy if you know what to look for. Each of the top 10 Payroll Services listed can help you with time and money while ensuring that all payments are made accurately, on time, and without errors. Remember to calculate fees to ensure that the service is within budget and select options that will cover any specialized requirements for your business. 

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