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The ultimate expo for Finance – Accounting Business Expo (#ABExpo) 2003 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in 14-15 March, 2023 has closed with all kinds of comprehensive and ground-breaking events for savvy, forward-thinking Accountants, Bookkeepers, Advisors and Finance professionals after 2 insightful days.

Accounting Business Expo 2023, Australia: A unique intersection of Accounting and Business influential leaders

We saw business minds from all corners of the Financial and Accounting worlds joined with cutting-edge vendors to discover how innovative digital technologies can revolutionize their performance, success, and bottom line.









Hundreds of sessions with industry leaders gathered to explore and debate the ideas that could define our future. They help attendees of this event expand their minds, fuel innovation and create meaningful conversations about what lies ahead.


Some of the Conference Themes that have been explored during the 2 days of #ABExpo: Practice Management, Funding & Finance, Tax Today, Progressive Bookkeeping, AI & Automation, Treasury & Cash Management, Payroll & HR Tech, Wealth Management, and CFO.

After a hectic first day of networking, #ABExpo provided the perfect opportunity for participants to refresh with the exciting Pitchfest – 5 Start-Ups battling it out to find the crowned winner for 2023. Attendees also experienced an energizing After-party along with thrilling chances at some incredible prizes and giveaways via lucky draws!


Innovature BPO at Accounting Business Expo 2023

Innovature BPO team participated in the panel discussion and theatre presentation which tackles industry challenges and offers expert insight on how to remain competitive in a constantly evolving marketplace.

[Panel Discussion] Offshoring Accounting and Finance: What are the right questions to ask?

[Panel Discussion] Offshoring Accounting and Finance: What are the right questions to ask?

Ms. Thuy Doan, our CEO – Founder, being one of the panellists joined the discussion on the impact of offshoring on the Accounting and Finance sector, how offshoring enhances the team and the right questions to ask when considering offshoring.

A wide range of questions on offshoring essential issues has been raised and thoroughly discussed:

  • Initial queries for businesses when they first try to offshore their operations;
  • How to build the business culture to keep offshore employees engaged; and
  • The possible risks such as cyber-attacks or data security that new offshore clients must be aware of.

[Theater Presentation] Offshoring Accounting & Business Processes: What benefits your Business & how to ?

[Theater Presentation] Offshoring Accounting & Business Processes: What benefits your Business & how to ?

In this theater presentation, Mr. Sebastien Thillaye, our Director of Growth shared insights on the benefits of offshoring the Accounting & Business Processes, emerging Accounting and Finance outsourcing destinations, and key lessons for a successful outsourcing migration to help companies decide on their outsourcing strategies.

Main points of the presentation:

  • Introduction to BPO
  • What benefits your business?
  • Defining what to retain, outsource or automate
  • The right questions to ask BPO companies when considering Finance & Accounting Outsourcing
  • Key lessons for a successful outsourcing migration

Networking activities

Innovature BPO had a unique chance to exhibit our offerings at the expo and connect with individuals and prospects who are curious about harnessing Vietnam’s potential as an emerging outsourcing destination. Through these interactions, our team was able to demonstrate effective strategies that can help organizations optimize their business performance.

We also met face-to-face with product experts to compare, test drive and consider hundreds of digital solutions that integrate with the world’s leading accounting platforms.

ABExpo 2023



Next: Join us in Shared Services and Outsourcing Week (SSOW) 2023, Orlando, United States


SSOW is the world’s largest and longest-running Shared Services & Outsourcing Event. With 125+ industry experts, 500+ peers, 50+ leading providers in 4 days, it is critical to guide business services executives through areas of opportunity:

  • Scope expansion
  • Continuous improvement
  • Talent management
  • Leveraging advanced technology and tools to improve processes and drive enterprise-wide transformation.

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