The most popular Accounts Payable Software in 2022 you need to know

most popular Accounts Payable Software in 2022

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Businesses of all sizes benefit from the advantages of modern Accounts Payable automation features. From seamless financial transaction processing to convenient management, Accounts Payable software offers an intuitive solution for optimizing day-to-day operations and improving profitability. This article will show you the top 10 best Accounts Payable software in 2022.

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What is Accounts Payable Software?

Managing financial liabilities is easier than ever with Accounts Payable Software, a specialized subset of the industry-standard accounting and finance solutions available today. Companies can leverage these platforms to keep an eagle eye on their debts through three core modules: general ledger for overarching records; accounts receivable for those who owe them money; and finally, accounts payable, which keeps track of what they owe others.

By harnessing the power of AP Automation software, companies can reduce manual labor and strengthen their financial accuracy. This type of technology streamlines complex accounts payable tasks for accountants dealing with hefty volumes of invoices and provides executives insights into AP processing activities. Ultimately, this streamlined approach leads to greater efficiencies within the accounting department – from cash flow management to overall financial closeouts.

AP Automation solutions provide business owners with a comprehensive suite of services to streamline their accounting process. Standalone products or integrated systems extend from AR automation, billing and invoicing, and payment processing capabilities – all the way through to ERP integration.

Top features of Accounts Payable Automation tools

Invoice management: Streamline your purchasing process with invoice management! Using an AP automation solution, invoices are easily imported – allowing information to be quickly transferred and readily accessible. OCR scanning or document transfers for PDFs & text make processing a breeze so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Supplier management: Accurate supplier financial management is critical for avoiding banking errors and ensuring vendors receive timely payments. Companies can easily maintain vital information through AP automation to facilitate efficient payment processing.

Purchase order (PO) matching: Businesses can benefit from PO matching to ensure that invoices received are accurate and reflective of services provided or goods purchased. Having a process in place to match what was ordered with the resulting invoice, both companies involved have the peace of mind of knowing they will be billed correctly across any changes made between submission and delivery.

Payments management: Efficient payment management is essential for the smooth functioning of a business. Payments tracking allows companies to keep tabs on invoices, providing insight into when payments are due and quickly identifying any discrepancies between purchase orders and received funds. This helps avoid costly over- or underpayments while keeping operations running smoothly.

Approvals: Streamline your financial processes with approvals workflows! Managers can make informed decisions about which invoices to pay when considering various criteria such as invoice date and priority. In addition, companies may require approval before processing any billing that surpasses a predetermined amount – ensuring accuracy without compromising efficiency.

The top 10 best Accounts Payable Software


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Bill is revolutionizing the finance world with automated software solutions that make business prosperity achievable. As a trusted partner to hundreds of thousands of SMBs, Bill understands and prioritizes their unique needs by streamlining financial workflows like payables, receivables, spending, and expense management – so companies can focus on success rather than paperwork.

With Bill, businesses can tap into a massive network of members to securely expedite payments and receive deposits. Their innovative solutions assist SMBs in streamlining financial operations and gaining control over their funds.


Xero helps small businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive market by giving them the tools to stay connected with their trusted advisors and have a clear view of their financial standing at any time. It is designed for entrepreneurs who want convenient access to insights that will empower them on the road ahead.

With Xero, entrepreneurs and small business owners can access vital accounting information from any device with an internet connection. Transactions are automatically imported for easy tracking of bank activity, while online bill pay ensures that critical vendor relationships stay strong through payments made on time. Optimize your cash flow management and streamline financial operations.

Xero is the ideal solution for managing personal expenses on the go. With features like mobile review and approval of receipts, as well as unlimited user support plus integrations with systems such as ADP, Bill.com, and Vend – Xero, it is easier to track your finances! Plus, you can test out all the great features within a 30-day free trial period before committing.

Zoho Books

most popular Accounts Payable Software in 2022

Zoho Books is the perfect solution for businesses aiming to streamline their accounting processes. The comprehensive system handles accounts payable and receivable, time tracking, payroll management, transaction organization, inventory control, and customer-supplier interactions securely through a client portal where customers can safely store payment information for repeat transactions.

Zoho Books allows businesses to take their accounting needs online. With zero downloads or installations, users can access the web-based system from any browser and manage customers with automated invoices, payment reminders, and receipt of payments through versatile online gateways.


With Stampli, you can streamline your accounts payable and invoice management with enhanced communication capabilities. Manage vendors efficiently while connecting approvers to ensure a smooth process from start to finish – all powered by the cloud.

Stampli provides the central hub for communications and invoice management. Streamline your operations with features like invoicing, accounting capabilities, and reporting visualization – all accessible from a single page.

Produce invoices, manage approvals and generate reports for expense forecasts – a powerful tool to help expedite the finance cycle in an ever-changing business climate. Plus, it easily integrates ERP systems like NetSuite, Quickbooks, Intacct, or SAP, making it easier to use.


most popular Accounts Payable Software in 2022

Tipalti makes the accounts payable process less of a headache by automating invoices, managing regulatory compliance and tax calculations, and streamlining supplier management with its comprehensive reporting capabilities. It even helps you stay on top of remittances and payment reconciliation for an efficient accounting experience.

The comprehensive business tool offers a web portal that simplifies supplier onboarding and management and provides automated notifications to vendors about important financial updates such as invoices and payment statuses.

Tipalti is an ideal payment reconciliation solution for organizations of all sizes, freelancers included. It seamlessly integrates with widely-used systems such as NetSuite, Xero, Oracle, and CAKE to create extensive reporting capabilities directly connected to the user’s ERP or accounting system. With its wide range of applicability across multiple industries, Tipalti provides a comprehensive answer to streamlining your financial operations.


FreshBooks simplifies business accounting for small businesses in various industries, such as marketing and legal services, trades & home services, or IT.

With FreshBooks, businesses can access a suite of features tailored for successful financial management. Create professional invoices with logo branding, capture and track expenses quickly using receipt snapshots or recurring payment options, and monitor time spent on projects – all while being able to accept online payments & set automated payment notifications.

FreshBooks offers a wealth of powerful financial tools to simplify the process of understanding and to manage your finances. From tracking credit card transaction fees, categorizing deposits on its dashboard, or pulling unbilled project hours into invoices – there are plenty of ways for users to stay financially organized.

Additionally, FreshBooks can be integrated with popular services such as Paypal and MailChimp. You can use them alongside the system’s time-tracking features to analyze how your projects are progressing in terms of cost and effort invested.


most popular Accounts Payable Software in 2022

DocuWare facilitates smoother business operations through its cloud-based document management platform. Automated data entry and workflow automation, combined with DocuWare’s top-notch security features in compliance with HIPPA, GDPR, and SOC regulations, empower organizations to minimize manual labor while maximizing productivity.

DocuWare offers powerful document management capabilities to streamline workflows, such as SAP records integration, Windows folder import, and full-text indexing. Barcode recognition functionality enables rapid data tracking, while task control and deletion workflows provide users with greater flexibility in managing their documents.

Moreover, the solution includes versioning features for easy subsequent edits and a pending box feature that simplifies decision-making processes by facilitating the sorting & linking of relevant information.


Airbase is an innovative way to tackle corporate spend management – CEOs/CFOs, VPs of Finance, and Controllers can use this comprehensive platform that provides bill pay, card issuance tools, and employee reimbursements. Accuracy and & time-savings are ensured with Airbase’s automated accounting system from start to finish! Plus, you don’t need a laptop, as both iOS & Android apps keep you connected on the go.

QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage Intacct, or Oracle NetSuite users can take advantage by simply integrating their existing software systems into Airbase for effortless functionality across your company’s finances.

Airbase is revolutionizing the way managers customize employee spending. Streamline policies by setting controls based on department. Total spend amount or specific expense types; set expiration dates and card amounts to restrict usage further. Utilize state-of-the-art virtual cards that sync directly with your general ledger for easy approval workflows – from one-time payments to vendor-specific functionality! With document storage, real-time reporting capabilities & invoice/receipt upload.


most popular Accounts Payable Software in 2022

NetSuite offers an innovative, cloud-based business management solution that helps global organizations reach their potential. It provides a comprehensive suite of applications to automate core processes and give real-time visibility into financial and operational performance – empowering businesses with access to data while maintaining control over operations.

NetSuite is an efficient, cloud-based system that eliminates the hassle of hardware and software installations. With Role based dashboards at your fingertips, accessing real-time data on business performance has never been easier.


Lightyear helps businesses take control of their accounts payable with powerful features that automate data entry, streamline approvals and manage records. Get invoices processed quickly through customizable workflows, message colleagues for quick collaboration, reconcile bank statements effortlessly, and more – all while flagging duplicates automatically! With multi-currency support, you can be sure your accounts are organized no matter the global context.

Lightyear is your all-in-one business solution that helps bring the power of software to small businesses. Integrate with popular third-party applications such as Abcom, MYOB, Xero, Sage 50, and more – directly from your mobile device.

As we can see, AP Automation Software is forecast to become increasingly popular in the next few years. This means that more and more businesses will be looking for ways to automate their accounts payable processes. If you’re considering implementing an AP automation solution in your business, now is the time to start researching. There are many different options on the market, so it’s crucial to find one that meets your needs. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect AP automation solution for your business.

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